Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Deep Reality TV Thoughts

Do you miss my fancy camera as much as I do? Or is there an undying audience for crappy iPhone photos. Hopefully it will be just DAYS till that pesky charger makes it out of some storage box. Hopefully- no promises. But no time to do the normal moaning and complaining about being in month 3 of moving... Because we have deep thoughts about reality tv today.

Now I'm a self proclaimed reality tv junkie. I love all that trash from Amazing Race to Project Runway to the Real Housewives to Dance Moms to Bridal Plasty to infinity and beyond. I just love filling my brain with crap tv- what can I say?

However, there is (atleast) one show that I think would be the absolute worlds worst to be a contestant on. Not Naked and Afraid (not that I would ever appear on that show- so many bug bites on people's rear ends...), not Teen Mom (missed that boat), and not 19 Kids and Cointings (won't even make a joke about that one). The worst tv show to be a contestant on... Big Brother.

This summertime staple becomes a fixture on the tv screen 3 NIGHTS A WEEK IN THE SUMMER. It is a full on commitment to crap annnnnd it's on my tv screen right now. My delusions for watching it would never translate to a delusion for being in the show, however. I think it would be the worst THE WORST show to be a contestant on. Let me regale you with the 5 top reasons to NEVER be a contestant on the show.

1) You can't do anything! No reading, no family/friends, no tv, no saving yourself from the wilderness, no nothing. You sit there for a whole summer and MAYBE play 3 competitions a week... Maybe. I'd rather fight a bear and loose than have nothing to do day in and day out.

2) You're stuck with the same people the whole time. No new conversations, no new people- just you and a dwindling number of people talking about nothing. As boring as it is (unless they're yelling at each other) watching it, I think it would be even more boring living it.

3) the house. Not big enough. You literally don't leave for months. Months in one house. Months. That's a recipe for bed sores.

4) The money. You don't actually win that much money. Now it is money, so that is nice, but you're going to need to pay for some serious therapy from being that bored for months.

5) People watch you all the time. Like ALL the time. You can pay x dollars and have access to the live feeds 24/7. What if you forget to brush your teeth one morning? Or you have a nasty habit of drinking out of the carton? Or all the other one million (worse) things that you don't want the world to see.

And this, my friends, are deep thoughts.


  1. So bizarre that you can watch them at any time- I find that SOOOO weird! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. This will sound horrible, and really I don't need to be encouraging their behavior but I loved watching the idiots on Jersey Shore. Whenever I felt down on myself, I'd watch some of it. Of course I don't ever watch it now that I have a daughter. Don't need her getting into that mindless stuff. Although I do like survivor (it has to be staged though, right?) And I don't know if this could count as one, but the Biggest Loser is one that I really like as well.

    As for being on one, HECK NO. Some of the things I do, I don't like Kyle seeing and he's married to me!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. While I never want to be a contest on the show, I looooove Big Brother this season!! What are your thoughts on the contestants? Any favourites? We have been watching most of the After Darks as well as all the episodes because we can't get the live feeds here in Canada (womp.) I think Vanessa's game is on point but I think people are bound to figure out she's good and may want get rid of her before she reaches the end.

  4. I love Big Brother but never actually thought about how much it would suck to be a houseguest. Of course the competitions and stuff would be fun. I don't think I would be good at the social/manipulation/alliance aspect of the game and that's the most important part.

    Who are you rooting for? I would love Jason to win. I like Vanessa. She's smart and playing a good game right now but sometimes she rubs me the wrong way. And how dumb is everyone that they can't see the Sixth Sense alliance? Are they just going to let Shelli and Clay win the whole thing?