Friday, July 31, 2015

Running for the Weekend

Happy weekend y'all! I feel a step ahead of the game (for once) seeing as how early this morning I'll be popping on a plane and headed up to Colorado for a quick weekend with the cutest baby ever. A weekend of river rafting, brewery tasting, and shenanigans seems quite the way to celebrate a successful move in. 

But a long weekend away means that I had to fit my long run in during the week of 95+ degree temperatures. As much as I was dreading the dehydration I was also secretly looking forward to getting back/staying in the training routine. I have a new long running partner (although I try to bribe Andrew into as many runs as possible) and with a whopping 2 long runs under our belt it feels so nice to have a run buddy again. Chit chatting, gossiping, and gasping for air takes up most of the time. Although my normal go-to techniques to avoid boredom are podcasts, humans are so much better. I know- these are whopping revelations. 

My photography while running could really use some improvement...

On last night's long run, I was pretty concerned about the heat. Because life is complicated and schedules are a beast, our run happened to fall when the LITERAL TEMPERATURE
WAS 100. That's hot! That is also the understatement for the year. To beat the heat I focused on chugging water though out the day, wore a really cool mans hat (yeah, unpacking is not a secret talent of mine), and keeping the pace slow. Actually, I only accomplished 1 of those. I forgot my man's hat and gps in the car, so it was sunny and we started out way too fast. I knew it wasn't worth risking injury to make my feel a smidgen better about my pace, so for the second half we slowed way down. 

I then treated myself to an evening of foam rolling and puppy cuddling. And I thought it wasn't exactly fair to show only the spaces of our house that were mostly unpacked so here is a gem of what our bedroom looks like...

Cause everyone wants their tv in the middle of the room with about 30 feet of cable occupying the corner space. Whatever. I foam rolled. That is basically the same as eating kale and juicing. 10 points for me.

So as much as I HOPE to sneak in a run this weekend, way higher on my priority list is spoiling a bitty bitty babe. What do you have going on?


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Loving Life Lately

Great news- none of you will hear anymore of my tirades about how hard it is to be squatters in our childhood homes anymore BECAUSE we are officially moved in! This weekend with the help of the whole gang and an incredibly inconvenient experience with the rental truck company we are IN OUR OWN PLACE.

On Sunday, I made coffee in our own french press, we drank it out of our own mugs, walked our pup in our own neighborhood, and I even had more than the 3 pairs of shoes I've been rocking since May. It was basically life changing. It would be wrong to not mention  the dampness in my eyes and gratitude in my heart. Finally things felt so permanent and right to be remaking our life and stop living in a temporary situation. We are so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to stay with family and some of the memories that we made there we will keep forever, but it feels good to be in our home. 

And then I made a bad decision. I invited a group of girls over for drinks on day 3 of the move in madness. So I panicked and hid things in every corner of the house. I stuffed boxes in empty bathrooms, hid bags of who knows what under the stairs, and then just gave up and bought cheese instead. We got the house in decent shape and (as expected) no one cared a bit about the chaos. We ate and drank and laughed till there were tears and it felt like home.

Everything seems to be settling more. I'm loving the new job and really enjoy the challenges and opportunities there. Cal is mostly potty trained (and breaks my heart with his howls when I leave everyday). And Andrew and I have time for ourselves. Both ourselves as a couple and ourselves as individuals. I'm fully caught up on the Real Housewives and... well, that means things are on the right track.

So today has been equally glamorous with laundry and breakers breaking, but it is nice to see progress. Slowly the boxes are clearing up and we are eventually going to remember where the tupperware is stored. I am excited to do a full home tour, renovation highlight, and future project list, but we at least have a couch and a working TV. Progress is progress.

Here are a couple sneak peeks of what it looks like currently- not at all finished, but it is WAY ahead of where we were last week.

Yep, the mirror price tag and corner protectors are definitely still making an appearance.

Hello sunny yellow kitchen and renegade dog toys!

I'll be back soon with some running updates and pinterest recipe reviews... because I am making the time to run and have a kitchen to cook in. Oh the small joys in life.

Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Deep Reality TV Thoughts

Do you miss my fancy camera as much as I do? Or is there an undying audience for crappy iPhone photos. Hopefully it will be just DAYS till that pesky charger makes it out of some storage box. Hopefully- no promises. But no time to do the normal moaning and complaining about being in month 3 of moving... Because we have deep thoughts about reality tv today.

Now I'm a self proclaimed reality tv junkie. I love all that trash from Amazing Race to Project Runway to the Real Housewives to Dance Moms to Bridal Plasty to infinity and beyond. I just love filling my brain with crap tv- what can I say?

However, there is (atleast) one show that I think would be the absolute worlds worst to be a contestant on. Not Naked and Afraid (not that I would ever appear on that show- so many bug bites on people's rear ends...), not Teen Mom (missed that boat), and not 19 Kids and Cointings (won't even make a joke about that one). The worst tv show to be a contestant on... Big Brother.

This summertime staple becomes a fixture on the tv screen 3 NIGHTS A WEEK IN THE SUMMER. It is a full on commitment to crap annnnnd it's on my tv screen right now. My delusions for watching it would never translate to a delusion for being in the show, however. I think it would be the worst THE WORST show to be a contestant on. Let me regale you with the 5 top reasons to NEVER be a contestant on the show.

1) You can't do anything! No reading, no family/friends, no tv, no saving yourself from the wilderness, no nothing. You sit there for a whole summer and MAYBE play 3 competitions a week... Maybe. I'd rather fight a bear and loose than have nothing to do day in and day out.

2) You're stuck with the same people the whole time. No new conversations, no new people- just you and a dwindling number of people talking about nothing. As boring as it is (unless they're yelling at each other) watching it, I think it would be even more boring living it.

3) the house. Not big enough. You literally don't leave for months. Months in one house. Months. That's a recipe for bed sores.

4) The money. You don't actually win that much money. Now it is money, so that is nice, but you're going to need to pay for some serious therapy from being that bored for months.

5) People watch you all the time. Like ALL the time. You can pay x dollars and have access to the live feeds 24/7. What if you forget to brush your teeth one morning? Or you have a nasty habit of drinking out of the carton? Or all the other one million (worse) things that you don't want the world to see.

And this, my friends, are deep thoughts.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Runday 7.20.15

YAY! I actually have something to write about again! It was killing me not being in training. Well actually I loved being a slug on the couch, but I just feel so much more back to normal in a routine and looking forward to a race. I have a lofty goal of a new PR for my upcoming October half and I don't know how I feel about it. I have all the INTENTION of running a PR, but really need to step up my training game to get there. I started a new running program that is supposed to make you faster, but the run training times are actually WAY slower than what I want my PR to be. Like a minute and fifteen+ seconds slower. I'm going to trust the process on this and enjoy the ride. The priority is to stay healthy and gain endurance for the January full...

The first week of a new training cycle is always so much fun. It is great to feel ready to go, excited about the runs, and so motivated. I wish I could bottle this for those unfun weeks, but it is all part of the journey. I battled some weird exhaustion bug at the end of the week and slowed way down in terms of activity, pace, and pure hours awake. It was just another reminder to take it one day at a time and focus on staying healthy. I feel happy with week one and ready more than ever to start week 2!

Without further ado, here is how Week 1 went:

Monday- Runners Yoga
Was a great starter into the cycle. I love all the yoga videos from Runners World and you can't beat the convenience of them all!

Tuesday- 3m @10:06
This workout was so very early in the morning. I felt great the rest of the day knowing that my workout was done and I was SO full of energy. On the minus side, I was SO VERY HUNGRY. I loved running around the new neighborhood and had fun crisscrossing the area without a real end goal in mind. I was at time a little nervous about the dark and not bowing where I was going, but I was very careful and carried some protection... None of that was needed, but I'm such a nervous nelly it felt good. And good news, after running around and around the new
Neighborhood... I love it more than ever!

Wednesday- Cross Training + Legs
I hit up the office gym with a coworker for what we THOUGHT was a cross training class, but should have read the schedule better. It ended up being a 30 minute ab class which was awful, so hard, and so very good at the same time. I was sore in all the places and fell asleep at 9:20pm- like a boss.

Thursday- REST day! Started feeling off today, so I took a rest day and slept a lot. 

Friday- 5*400 at 8:06 pace + arms
I really didn't want to do this workout and was hoping I would feel better at the end, but whomp the exhaustion bug hit me
SO hard. I normally feel 1000x better after a workout, but I was grouchy, tired, and generally a troll after the easiest workout of the week. 

Saturday- Unintentional rest/ troll day. Slept past 9, took an afternoon nap, and was asleep at 9:20- I'm basically a toddler... Get over it.

Sunday- 3 miles with one tempo mile @ 8:24. Felt good to be working hard, but awful to not be asleep. I don't know what  my body was trying to do, but I finally shook most the exhaustion off. Looking forward to a better second week!

What I missed- a 4 mile easy run! With 2 rest days (much needed) this week, I'm one run behind. I hope to sneak it in sometime this week to be able to cross all the workouts off my training calendar.

I'm so excited for this next half and can't wait to look at the week by week workout breakdowns and (hopefully) kick my PR's six year old butt!

Only time and miles will tell!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Five for Friday- Demolition Derby

Hooray- it is Friday! What do you have going on this weekend? Anything exciting? Lots of house projects and the first long run of half marathon training are happening over here this weekend. House projects that are NOT being professionally done, because (hip, hip, hooray) the contractor started work on our house this week. I snuck in yesterday after the crew was gone for the day and it looked like this...


No more popcorn ceilings!

Random holes that look very disturbing!

Alas, it is out of our hands and that feels magical! Within a few days, we will be back living there with shiny new counter tops, non-popcorn ceilings, new outlets, and a host of other things that I didn't trust myself to do without a visit to the emergency room. But heck no, you are not out of the woods yet on house updates. 

We have so, so many projects left. Remember this list? We are plugging away at it. So far we have finished: the ottoman, the ikea hacked butcher block cabinet, and painting the kitchen cabinets. We have added WAY MORE to the list than we have taken off, but that is just the way things go (apparently).

Five for Friday this week is all about the choices that HAVE been made! Instead of boring/ scaring you with inane details about all the variances, quality, and weight of cabinet pulls (because that decision is NOT made), here is a list of things that will definitely be showing up in our house.

1) Master Bedroom Paint

Inspired by this picture of our recent trip to Chile...

We chose Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams. It is beautiful and thankfully we have already painted it. 1 room painted down, a lot left to go.

Here is the Rainwashed in another room... that is beautiful, stylish, and most importantly doesn't consist of an air mattress and TV on the ground.
Sherwin Williams Rain Washed Paint. Love the walls, and the mirror, and the pintucked duvet.. soothing!

2) Living Room Paint

You may remember my gray quandary, well I hope you didn't loose too much sleep over it. WE HAVE A WINNER! Hold your breath for the perfect gray... or just the gray that we finally chose after looking at a million. This color is called March Wind by Sherwin Williams. I don't know how we will reach these tip top corners (thanks, sissy), 

but I can't wait to see it in our main living spaces.
sherwin williams march wind

3) Counter tops

This is a good example of you can't always get what you want. I looooove the look of marble counter tops and even saw some great deals in local stores, but I just don't know if I can take care of them. I have laboriously read over all those in this pinterest-perfect world that CAN take care of them, but I don't think I'm one of those superior human beings. I being the problem here! So we chose a simple granite that is fine. It is in budget, neutral enough, and, like all granite, is very sturdy. Our choice is Santa Cecilia Light with white subway tiles to match our crisp white cabinets. 
santa cecilia light granite countertops contemporary kitchen design white cabinets recessed lights

4) Outdoor Space

I'm thrilled with how the outdoor space is (going) to come. Last weekend, we planted some Monkey Grass and Jasmine in the small dirt sections of the back deck. We wanted something dog friendly that didn't need TOO much light since it isn't the sunniest of places. But what makes my heart happy is restarting our herb garden. Goodness knows I will (as always) kill a ton of these poor guys, but we have basil, oregano, lavender, and rosemary growing currently. I want to build a hanging garden (somewhat like below) to keep the pup out of any harms way. My goal is to have the decorated Terra Cotta pots individually hang down from the covered patio on ropes just at arms reach. 
Vertical clay pot garden. DIY by The Horticult / Ryan Benoit Design

Andrew also surprised me by picking up a bunch of beautiful market lights to hang out there. I think it will be a beautiful addition! And can't wait to make it a lil' more snazzy.

Room Essentials™ 10Lt Filament Bulb
Target Link

5) Reclaimed Wood

So we have grand plans to transition the loft from a random addition to a useful space for both of us to work in. My husband runs a side business and I stalk all of you like it is a job, so it will make a great office space for the two of us. AND it boasts gorgeous big windows with so much natural light. We are pretty jazzed about our latest plan to cover 1 whole wall in white washed reclaimed wood, our brainstorm-ing wall in chalkboard paint, and the rest of the space with some fun color. 

DIY Wood Walls • Tons of Ideas, Projects & Tutorials! See how 'owen's olivia' created this beautiful whitewashed pallet wall for their little boys room.

A long way- no, a VERY long way- is left to go before we get anywhere near to a 'completed' house, but it is so much fun to visualize.

If you could do any house project, what would it be?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Ok here I go again with a manically written post about how my life is not in order. Don't believe me. Look at this picture.

I won't even apologize for the jerry-rigged curtains blocking the street view into our house, the painting tarp strewn across the (unpainted) room, or the storage bins unsuccessfully blocking our pup from running through paint. I also would like to apologize for all the iPhone pics, but the DSLR charger is in a box- somewhere- so we are going on a month without a pretty camera. And pretty much without documentation of our lives.

So here is the status of things, I'm working on a post inspired by Evelina, we are eating out of a crockpot 24/7 (some wins and some losses), I finally snagged a new tea kettle and candles at the store, and my new baby herb garden isn't dead yet. What does all of this mean? Not much, but it feels SO good! Life is not settled yet (we are still sleeping on an air mattress and dressing out of a suitcase), but it is just a really exciting life stage. It hasn't been as easy as I thought making the cross country move with leaving friends, routines, hobbies, and our CA life. Each day, however, I am getting more excited for what the possibilities are living here.

Family is a big part of that. On Saturday both of our families made the trek out of the burbs to paint, prime, fix toilets, apply massive amounts of painters tape, hang cabinets, drink beer, and the whole works to make our humble abode a little less humble. It warmed my little grinch heart to see everybody working together to make our house a home. My inlaws, my folks, my sister, and her boyfriend all dropped their weekend to do COMPLETELY UNFUN work. It is a great reminder of why we moved-- to be closer to all of this. All of the elbow grease and we are slowly, but surely transforming our 1970s townhome to... okay we don't know what it will be transformed into quite yet. BUT hopefully we will know soon.

Ignore the spindles, mirrored bar, and lack of worker comp insurance.

Again ignore the mirrors (the original owners must have been really vain to want to look at themselves doing dishes) and anything else ugly. You will see the reveal of our new(ly redone) cabinets soon!

Our contractor came out today and we finalized some finishes, we have (99%) finished our kitchen cabinet paint remodel (and they look so good), our master bedroom is painted (inspired by our Chile trip), and we LOVE walking around and exploringthe area. Cal is becoming a city dog, I love taking the metro to work (especially meeting some interesting characters on the way), and half marathon training starts again today! Life is good. 

I can't wait to share some of the details about paint and finishes and DIY and what not, but right now it is time to give a certain puppy his first bath ever and crash for an early, early run.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

More of a Magpie Than an Inspiration Board

I love when those crafty bloggers post perfectly matched inspiration board, color swatches, and 'moods' of what their homes look like. Love it. However, if there is one thing I know about myself it is that I'm more of a magpie than a chic designer. I see something, I love it, I keep it forever. I find something I like, deem that it is necessary, then keep it for a while before finding a new must have item.

What I would like to say is that....
But in actuality, I'm more of a hoarder.
extreme hoarding buried alive animated GIF
A hoarder of beautiful, meaningful little things that constantly make me question my sanity. What can I say- I love having bits of personal history around at all times AND OF COURSE I need a weiner dog sculpture for my TV consul. That is just life.

I say this to inform you that this will NOT be one of those beautiful, elegant home inspiration posts. I do hope that someone would deem my home not the 100% opposite of beautiful and elegant one day (NOT TODAY- TODAY AND FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE THE HOUSE IS A LITERAL CONSTRUCTION ZONE), but I also want the house to be very comfortable for us. 

So in case you were wondering there will be no perfectly posed house pictures at the moment. No before picture of the whole because I want you to be excited (not terrified for the after), but next week we should have some more of our materials/ colors picked out. So below are 5 photos of what the house looks like at the moment. Feel free to look at these and feel good about your life. 

5 for Friday Scary House Photos! 

And a puppy picture from our vet visit!!!

Happy Friday!

50 Books in 52 Weeks- Halfway There!

So this post is about a week and a half late, but I wanted to fill you in (and most importantly get some recommendations) for one of my 2015 New Years Resolutions! This year as one of my goals, I decided to read 50 books in 52 weeks. I'm an avid reader so it isn't thaaaaat much, but normally I fall into cycles. I will read a ton, then I will watch reality tv and let my brain go to mush for a few weeks. Then I will start reading voraciously again... until RHOC starts and I fall of the literate bandwagon. 

I thought by making a number goal that I would be more consientent. That hasn't actually work that well recently with the moving/ jobbing/ DIYing/ trying to get a life-ing. BUT it does make me take a step back and try to motivate myself to finish that book. It has also been fun to try reading completely good new reads. I tried to push myself to pick up something I wanted to read at the library and then something completely randoms. Oh buddy were some of the completely random ones AWFUL. But some were good too... 

  1. The Last Pope
  2. Persuasion
  3. Inferno
  4. Amsterdam
  5. And never stop dancing
  6. The Orphan Masters Son
  7. The Jefferson Key
  8. Big Little Lies
  9. Committed
  10. The Appeal
  11. Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain
  12. Northinger Abbey
  13. Brain on Fire
  14. All the light you cannot see
  15. Running with Kenyans
  16. Red Mist
  17. Sharp Objects
  18. Vatican Waltz
  19. Secret Histories
  20. Girl on the Train
  21. Girls of atomic city
  22. Lady Susan
  23. Silent Wife
  24. Room
  25. Silent Sister
  26. Vanishing Point
  27. The Martian

So mostly now I need some help with the next half of the list! What do you recommend? A book, an author, a genre? SEND HELP!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fifty Shades of Gray

You didn't believe me, did ya?

Yes, I've been hiding under a rock. A homeowners rock. All I've been doing is DIY- painting, priming, sanding, spraying, and  else knows what at this point. It seems like we have done more projects than I can even remember and only maybe 1/10th of them can the casual visitor see. The war I've waged on yellow tinged white trim, while it has me thrilled with the change I highly doubt the world cares to see. The hours spent sanding cabinets (and my own fingers) off, no one will notice. My furrowed brow at the paint store, sometimes you have to just throw your hat in and pick 50+ shades to put on the mantle, will not matter in the long run. This is a lot of work! And correction to everything I just said, these were not "I" statements. These moments were brought to you by in large part Andrew and our families that have taken time to make our 'home for now' a 'home for a long time'. 

It isn't rosy, but it is definitely an adventure. I had a moment yesterday at work where I looked down at my hands during a meeting and saw 3 DIFFERENT PAINT COLORS hidden in my nail beds. I have regressed to the manically driven crafty toddler stage (I only took one child psych class- but I'm pretty sure I made that up). I wanted to shout out- I promise I've showered, but decided to cower and hide my hands under the table. Hopefully today I'll have better luck with the digits avoiding paint.

So I don't have a thrilling, engaging, or mildly interesting post for you today. It has mostly been trying to keep my head above water (literally with a pipe leak on day 2 of home ownership) and savor ing these moments where Andrew and I get to make our first (owned) home together. What does life look like now? It looks like sleeping on an air mattress, living out of a suitcase, and eating out of a crockpot- and it is awesome. Tonight we took some time out to go to a neighborhood bar (check that off the summer bucket list) where they have table top Jenga. Cal even got to tag along for the outing.

So there will be lots of DIY updates coming (and half marathon training starting next week) but in the meantime I just wanted to share the messy side of things. While the house may be messy, I'm in need of a manicure stat, and I've forgotten what an actual fresh meal tastes like- life is great right now. I'm beyond grateful for these new challenges and the opportunities that this new place holds for us!

What are you excited about right now? Projects? Profession? People?


Thursday, July 2, 2015

And We Are Homeowners

Wow! It finally happened! After a couple high stress days, Andrew and I got some shiny new keys to OUR first home! It's been a challenge, but such a blessing to go through this process and come out with a home of our own. 

Not too much time to chat, however, because we are hard at work making it OUR home! It's been 8 hours and we've taken all the cabinets out of the kitchen, cleaned them, sanded them, primed them, and primed the whole master. After  making another mondo to do list for tomorrow... I'm off to bed with a swig of celebratory champagne.

Can't wait to keep you updated on all the projects, but until then here are some quick snaps of the madness!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our DIY List

As a child (don't insert rude comments here), I was an odd bird. I spent a lot of time pretending to be 90 years old, crocheting like a pro, and eating predominately soft foods (ice cream...).

When I was a child I watched HGTV and the Food Network all the time. I bought the recipes (old school style) from the cooking shows and convinced my folks to get me a sewing machine for some pre-teen birthday. I remember trying to make a Yule Log once... it was too hard and I quit leaving a royal mess in the kitchen. I loved my sewing machine though... for about 6 months. I made beenie baby sleeping bags and pillows galore, but I never REALLY learned how to change a bobbin and I got frustrated and started making sock dolls instead. You see a trend here; my heart is in DIY, but sometimes my brain kinda peeters out.

I'm definitely a visual and artistic person. It is one of my favorite things to help decorate, rearrange furniture, pick artwork. Literally I love it. I even redecorate at my parents house when they are out at the grocery store just to see when they will notice. I'm probably the worst house guest ever.

So of course I am thrilled to start working on OUR house. Unlike the fantasy pinterest world though, I'm making a conscious effort to invest in some nice pieces, but also stick to the budget. So there is a lot of DIY, bargain hunting, and hack-ing of furniture. I know that some of the pieces we have recently acquired will be happy in our home for a long time, but there are also some that will be finding their way out before too long. I think it is fun to use these less permanent pieces as an opportunity to DIY and put in some trendy elements that I probably wouldn't invest in, but like to have to spice things up!

bravo animated GIF

So there are no before and after shots QUITE yet, but I thought it would be fun to share what we are NOT paying for a professional to do OR dropping a lot of cash on. Maybe in XYZ months I can come back to this list and laugh as I eat cold pizza out of box while sitting/ crying on a tarp in our very own construction zone.

DIY List:

Obviously this is a massive list...and will not all be happening ASAP. In fact looking at the list is a little scary, BUT you can't finish unless you start!

Any projects around the house that you are itching to get done?