Monday, June 15, 2015

The First Purchase...

So mum has been the word over here on the house-front and for good reason! We are 16 days away from (hopefully) owning our new forever home. However, until that ink has dried, I won't believe that the place is ours. Both out of superstition and unadulterated fear, I will keep the big details quiet until after everything is finalized. 

I must say that it has been a wonderful treat to not spend 3 or 4 nights each week looking at every house in our price point across the Houston metropolis, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing a NEW kind of search. INTERIOR DECORATING! Thankfully it isn't as expensive as buying a home, even though Andrew might argue otherwise. But Sunday night I clicked the purchase button on our first new object for our first home.

And of course I want to share it. 
This Axis collection 4-light pendant features a painted russet finish that will compliment many transitional urban and contemporary decors. The very popular globe design adds interest to any setting.

Underwhelmed? Well at least hide it, I have been oohing and aaahing over this (oversized metal orb chandelier) baby since I spotted this gorgeous photo on Pinterest. While our living room will have some more masculine colors in it, I fell in love with how light and airy this space was. The orb pendant just completes the room for me.

Love the structure of this. High ceiling with beams. Would like to see how this traditional look would mesh with some industrial pieces.

Our (fingers crossed) new house has a great living room that opens up to the stairway, big front windows, and the kitchen and dining rooms to the back. It feels like it will be the heart of the house and I can't wait for all the family and friends that will make the space home. While I love the grand two story room, I think having a statement light fixture will center the space. My goal is that the light fixture will also bring the attention lower and make the area seem cozy and bright- instead of daunting and dark.

So as my fingers marched over to Overstock armed with a coupon and free shipping, I knew that the stars were aligned to making this piece ours. My superstitious nature is not easily thwarted, so I will throw some salt over my shoulder and carry garlic to ensure that the housing gods are on our side. I've been going a little crazy over the past couple days at home stores, paint counters, and (probably my favorite) countertop aisles. I can't wait to share more details when things are more solidified, but had to give you a sneak peek of this light!

Back to Monday Runday next week!


  1. Love that light! Can't wait to see how it looks in your new house (fingers crossed for y'all!)

  2. I LOVE IT!! Yes that deserves all caps because I think it's going to be the perfect addition!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That is so beautiful! It's going to look so great! :)

  4. This is so pretty!!! I love this style -- great choice!!