Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Purchasing Things Sight Unseen

Want to hear a funny story? Well, check out another blog. Today on THIS blog, we are sharing a scary story. A story to scare all other stories away. A story that will make OCD men, women, and children cry. A story about (hopefully) purchasing a house unseen.

Because that is what we (hopefully) did. We are within the week mark of ending escrow and this past weekend were able to go into the house that we purchased to see it for the 2nd time ever. When was the first time? After we put in an offer, waited patiently scared like children, and it was accepted. So this weekend the opportunity arose for us to see the house for the second time ever, and we jumped at it.

And went in terrified.

Last time we saw it, we loved it! Thought that we were so lucky to have FINALLY found a house of our own. What if we hated it? What if we saw all the flaws that we didn't see before in our delirious state? What if we actually bought a meth lab, or a drug den, or what if the house was infested with who knows what! Maybe we shouldn't have tried to get in a second time after all.

And now we are on the other side of the second visitation.

All and all, we still loved it. It is a home of our own, it has walls, it has floors, it has running water, and I didn't see any evidence of nefarious activity. BUT we also saw some stuff that we totally didn't see before. Completely odd pipe making the washer jut out further than the dryer? Spotted. Seriously sketchy cable wiring? Spotted. Some messed up windows that I can't even begin to guess about? Spotted. And all the other things like a loft without flooring, sweet medieval light fixtures, clam shell bathroom counters, and boxed lights galore. At one point in the hour long visit, we were planning on knocking out 2 walls, raising the ceiling, installing new stairs, and a complete kitchen remodel. Ya know, like in a week when we move in.

And I realized that the excitement was getting to everyone. Our lovely parents, our patient realtor, and mostly our irrational selves were all taking the situation to another level. An expensive level. A level that I can't even speak the language on.

Good intentions and a couple of good glasses of wine brought everything back into perspective. Of course (we knew before) that things are not going to be 100% what we would have planned for ourselves if money was no object, time paid no matter, and unicorns grew on trees. But all those things DO matter. It also matters that we love our new place, we love the new area, we love the independence, yet stability that owning a home creates, and we love that we are doing it together. Yes on so many levels it is an experience of blind trust. We don't know what will happen today, tomorrow, closing day, or anytime after that. Sometimes blind trust in YOURSELF and your decisions is the hardest because we know how fallible we are. I know that maybe I can't be trusted with picking out too many paint colors and making our home look like a drunk carousel. I know that all the well intentioned DIY activities could look like a Pinterest fail. And I know that the thought of painting cabinets and installing new countertops will make me feel like I'm living in squalor. BUT blind trust is blind for a reason. A good attitude, a good pinot grigio, and the best PIC will get us through this.


  1. Sounds like you might need a couple of good bottles of Pinot Grigio! But owning a new home must be so exciting and you'll love it when it's all said and done!

  2. Wow! What a big chance you took putting an offer in on a house you had only seen in pictures. Glad it's all working out for you. And you will love it because you made it yours!

  3. From one of the "lovely" parental units. Owning a house is one thing, making it a home involves quite a lot more work. All of those suggestions were just that. Yes, there are a few things that need to be fixed, but don't take on more of those HGTV projects. Balance the stress levels in your life. And if it's not too late, have your agent start earning his fee, and get after the sellers and associated problems. He's your employee, not your friend (only after the deal is done). Remember that you have a network of experienced home owners who will help if needed. We're still improving/upgrading our house and we've only lived here 24 years. You've been in Houston only two months and you're soon to be a home owner. Congratulations!

  4. I'm so happy that you guys were happy after you had seen it again!!! It's definitely a lesson in trusting your gut! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. We almost just did that on a house that went up for auction in the district we wanted, I was so nervous but at the end the bank didn't accept the auction ending price.

  6. This is so exciting!!!!! Make sure to take tons of before pics!