Friday, June 5, 2015

Our Chilean Adventure Part 4

Where did we leave off? Oh, I just skirted over a mental breakdown about how in the world I was going to survive our 5 day backpacking-sleep in the cold-hike out or die in-adventure in Torres de Paine national park. Good thing I skirted over that... Because on the breakdown front, day 2 was no piece of cake. 

It started by waking up to South American quartet screaming/singing/fighting at a time far too early to call morning. I stretched out my legs because I had fallen asleep in child's pose the night before literally as Andrew was setting up the tent. After these AM calisthenics, we hurried to get breakfast ready and set out.

Word to the wise, don't hurry. Someone may have ( just possibly) started the day by making oatmeal and pouring BOILING water on his lap, jumping up, yelping, and then looking at me with big, round, and fearful eyes. I just knew that he had given himself a 3rd degree burn and would need to be air evacuated- oh wait, they don't do that- out of the park. So after a few calming breath exercises, a very nasty rash, and stunned glances from other trekkers, we were off.

Day 2 had beautiful and painful ups and downs. It took us along the glacier, by lakes, fording streams, through meadows, above the tree line, abruptly down ravines, and eventually to one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. It was also the day where things were really hard. I was overwhelmed by the distance to go and heights to climb. My head was full of doubts and got worse by the minute. And my stomach was already sick of the stale PB and nutella sandwiches.

What got me through it? 

3 things. 
1) dragging my hiking pokes and saying "I just want to be there" 
2) clif bars 
3) the incredible perseverance, patience, and passion of my husband. 

He said the right things at the right times. He said nothing when nothing needed to be said. And he did a great job at hiding the moments he was laughing at me- not with me.

And he did a great job hiding faces like this. We had a DELIGHTFUL dinner of dehydrated food and again... I slept like a rock.

What is up next... an INCREDIBLE view!

Happy Weekend,


  1. Beautiful photos - this scenery is just gorgeous!

  2. Wow, those photos are just amazing! That hike definitely looks worth it for those views!

  3. Your pictures get more and more gorgeous with every post! So nice to hear that you love travelling with your hubby!

  4. Oh my gosh. Those pictures could not be more gorgeous! They could go on a calendar or a postcard or something!