Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Runday- 6.1.15

Happy June, Ya'll! Today is my first day at the new job, so this will be short and sweet. How was your weekend? Good? Good. Our was pretty darn exciting (excuse the lack of pictures) and hopefully we can share some news on the H O U S E front soon. But if there is one thing that this whole house hunting process has taught us, is to expect the unexpected. Or maybe that is Survivor? Alas... keep your fingers crossed for GOOD news!

So puppy ownership has struck again with the highs and the lows. On Friday, I spent too long at the vets office due to some puppy problems (I will spare you the details...) and then Saturday we spent an arm and a leg at the pet store. You know what was awesome, though? Taking the pups on their first walks. We did a total of 3 yesterday... and each one was about a tenth of a mile, but hey they have small legs.

A lot of the walk was more of a standoff than anything....

Husband for scale.
Leashes are obviously for biting... right?

Even through the crazy weather last week, I was able to get some good runs in... at the beginning part of the week. Stuff just didn't work out near the end.  Not as much mileage as I would have liked, but slow and steady. I won't start actually training-training for a few more weeks and I need to focus on building up endurance.

What it looked like?

M- Lots of laying around in the pool
T-2.5m + Strength
W- 3m +Abs
Th- Rest Day
F- Long Walk
S- The Hardest Yoga Class I've Ever Been To (and I accidentally had my yoga pants on backwards...)
Su- 5k Cancelled :(

What kept me going this week?

We had a 5k scheduled for this weekend, but it got cancelled due to bad weather! I was bummed since, I had picked up the speed this week. Alas, there will be more races.

Goals for next week?

Figure out a way to keep running during week 1 of work! I'm hoping to sneak in some runs in a beautiful park by my office after work to beat the commute... We shall see!

Happy Monday, Happy June, and Happy Everything!


  1. Hope your first day of work goes well! Good luck sticking with your running through your first week of work :)

  2. Oh my sweet goodness - they are just too cute for words I can't focus on anything else! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston