Thursday, June 11, 2015

An Open Letter to Baby E

Dear Niece-

Well this weekend was the first time I laid eyes on you and MAN do you have it all. On your side, there was some serious skepticism at first, but we quickly worked that out with cooing, cuddling, and eternal bouncing about. Kelsey (your other less cool aunt) and I walked into your very-non-permanent-Tennessee home and there you were sitting up on your mom’s lap waiting for us- you were perfection. You were so small. Your arms so flail-y. And (I’ll break this to you softly) you have straight up the most adorable judge-y face of any baby on the planet. It was love at first sight.

Your tiny toe nails and your deep blue eyes are perfect. Your noises (loud and soft) are perfect. And the way that you go from sleeping to screaming in 2 seconds flat makes me know that we definitely share the same genes. Be careful with this tempestuous nature- it can work in your favor or very much against later in life.

It was hard to not look at that cute little button nose and baby cheeks and not see all that you have to come. Learning to speak (and say ‘Shay is my favorite aunt’), wearing the most precious first day of kindergarten outfit (hopefully dressed like a sailor to emulate your mom’s), and coming on your first ever Susecation camping trip all seem like they are both a second and a million years away. We are lucky to have you as part of our club; participation is mandatory.

What may have even been more special than the diaper blow outs or 4am feedings was the opportunity to watch your parents and the way they love and care for you. MAN do you have it all. You see for newborn parents they have a list of pro tips that can’t be beat, and they intend to use all those tricks on you. Before you try to sneak out the window above the garage or feel like getting escorted home by the police, think twice.

Your dad, well, he is great. This guy knows what he is doing. He has been a very special guy to the whole family for a long time now, but watching him boogie to Tupac with you (weird that this puts you to sleep- get headphones before heading off to college) brings the whole situation to a new level. You can feel his eyes from across the room follow and smile at you. It is like he knows exactly what will make you happy and is the first to jump up and make it happen. Use this to your advantage, Baby Girl. You’re one lucky lady.

And your mom, well, she brought me to tears multiple times throughout the weekend. She is the epitome of selfless love for you. She is the leader of our gang, and Kels and I kinda count on her to clear the way of things yet to come. When she went to college, we visited and toilet papered the dorm room then in 3 and 6 years we followed her to the same dream school. When she brought a very special guy home (don’t worry, it was dad), we ducktaped all the belongings in his room to the closest surface… the joke might not have played well. When she graduated, she followed her heart to find a job of personal worth and taught us all about meaningful service. When she got married, we were shocked that married people were cool and not all our parents’ age. And now she gave us you to learn from. She is such a beautiful role model for you to follow and for that I am grateful for all the women (most especially your Grandma) that taught her this way. I promise that I will take you clothes shopping in middle school (don’t trust your mom with this), but other than that you’ve hit the jackpot.

MAN we are so lucky for you to be part out our family. Who knew so much love could come in such a small package. Thanks for sparking yet another lightning bolt of awe for your family and for giving us all 4 hours of continuous sleep.



  1. That is so beautiful!! Little baby feet - swoon and heart exploding over here!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Thanks, Biana! She was the most perfect :)

  3. Love everything about this! Can't wait to meet Emilia in person!

  4. This is so perfectly written! I love it and she's so adorable!!