Monday, June 29, 2015

A Day Late and...

Oops a day late and a dollar short on this weekend post, but so much has been happening! It is exciting and exhausting, but mostly just a reason to celebrate. This weekend, Andrew and I had one of most fun couple of days since we moved here. There was relaxing, DIYing, house shopping, concert-going, and CAL HAD HIS FIRST PUPPY CLASS.

Puppy class for me was the closest I've ever gotten to motherhood. By that I mean I was psychotic. Half the time I was all like like my puppy knows nothing, he will fail at life, he will live in my basement till he is 30, and I will be doing his laundry till I go to a nursing home. And then the other half I was like my puppy is the smartest dog in the whole world, I think he is doing trigonometry in the class downtime, and he should probably run for president. And then he poops in the house and I question my ability to know when avocados are ripe- let alone care for a being. In related news, anyone need a babysitter? I kid, I joke. Cal would get jealous and lick your child's face off.

In other news, Monday Runday has come and gone, but I can't just ignore it like that. No joke, I didn't want to hit up the gym for a lunchtime workout last week and I guilted myself into doing so because I wanted to share a photo of how gorgeous the view was.

We also joined the running club that I've been stalking from the deep, dark corners of the internet. It meets at a pub near my work and Andrew swung down, picked me up from work, and then we headed over. It was legit one million degrees (thermometers obviously are not my thing) and we took the 3 mile loop super slow, but it felt surprisingly great!

So here is what it looked like:
Monday- Last kickball game of the season
Tuesday- 3m run w/ run club
Wednesday- Put together our lamp for the new house... I thought it would take hours and it took about 20 minutes.
Thursday- Couple quick miles in which I TRIED to get Cal to run instead of walk... so I guess it was a couple slow miles where I looked like an idiot
Friday- Lunch time elliptical and weights at the work gym
Saturday- Long walks with Cal, coffee, and Andrew
Sunday- A marathon of netflix and napping

With the house stuff and Cal stuff and getting used to a new job stuff I'm anxious to get a bit more settled and back into a workout plan that is energizing. I know when I carve some time out of my day to get some of that extra energy out that I'm more enjoyable, less stressed, and I also sleep like a baby/ If nothing, however, I've learned through the tumultuous last two months to just focus on today. Training season will come (in mere weeks) so until then being a slug on the couch is fun too.

Hows your week going? Sending good vibes!


  1. A running club is a great way to get motivation going!! I love the view you have from your gym!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. How cute is Cal?! Adorable! Great mindset with just focus on today – I keep trying to tell myself that.

  3. okay i stared at Cal for way too long. ADORABLE!!!! maybe because i have the puppy mom brain too :)