Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our Chilean Adventure Part 2!

Eeeeeek! I know it has been so long since I left off with the recaps, but as promised I absolutely have to share with y'all our fantastic adventure. If for some odd reason you don't remember a random tidbit from a month and a half ago, we went on a truly once in a lifetime backpacking trip through a park in Southern Chile called Torres del Paine. And before you see some raggedy pictures... believe me this is backpacking backpacking. Like I only had one pair of pants, had to sleep in a tent in freezing temps, wore a headlamp while hiking through complete and utter darkness, and ate ONLY DEHYDRATED FOOD backpacking. I might as well have been Shiloh in Homeward Bound, y'all.

Last that we left off, we were ALMOST to Chile and had just gotten on the plane after exploring to Lima, Peru to head to Santiago, Chile. You'll note that there are no pictures of our 20 minutes in Santiago because it was quite the adventure and mostly was spent perspiring through customs, perspiring through baggage claim, and perspiring through a last minute sprint to the plane. 

By this point we were weary travelers and landed in Punta Arenas at 5:30am. It could have been 2pm, midnight, or 4 in the morning for all that mattered- the lack of sleep had caught up to us and finding the exit of the plane was a challenge. Luckily, the Punta Arenas airport is teeny tiny with 99% of travelers heading to Antarctica or Torres del Paine. Picture us, terribly sleepy trying to find the bus that will take us another 2ish hours to Puerto Natales. THAT IS RIGHT! We still have another leg of this journey to find a freaking bed. So I will skip over the bus, the walk, and check in so you can enjoy the BEAUTY that is Puerto Natales.

Clean hair is overrated...

Puerto Natales is a quaint town, about as far south in Chile as you can get, that is driven by fishing and trekkers coming in to get supplies for the Torres. We hung about town, ate our weight in the last fresh food we would taste for a week, and went to the 3 O'Clock Talk at Erratic Rock. IF YOU ARE DOING THIS TREK, YOU NEED TO DO THIS. After learning all the things, we went on a quest for a good meal and fell asleep early. Oh, how much I would miss that bed once we were gone.

After what felt like minutes of sleep I woke up so nervous, but with no time to worry. We jumped on (yet another bus) and before we knew it, we were at Torres del Paine. Getting to Torres del Paine is obviously not easy, folks, but what it lacks in convenience it makes up tenfold in beauty. Can I take a minute and say what a moment this was? After months and months of planning, we pull up a gravel road and are finally there. The journey was actually starting! 

See that nice little bannister in the back of the picture there? That was the last time we would see ANY safety precautions. I should have held onto that sucker for dear life, but at the moment we were just ready to begin. We decided to hike the W circuit backwards, so we jumped on a catamaran and soared across Lake Pehoe. The views were breathtaking and the water was an incredible, serene blue/green. I kept yelling to Andrew across the bumpy waves that I wanted to paint our house that color. I'm not sure if he couldn't hear me or was just overwhelmed by the amount of selfie sticks on board, but he didn't respond. Spoiler alert- after almost a week of hiking with one other person, this conversation could have lasted HOURS on the final days of our trek. 

If you ignore the mountains, parts of the park remind me SO MUCH of Ireland.

And so it begins! We got off the dock and there we were. No one to guide us, no idea what we had actually gotten ourselves into, and in so many ways (although we are avid hikers) we were completely unprepared for the journey ahead.

That is where I will leave you today, folks! Can't wait to share with you the hilarious next steps (hahahaha, get it?) of our trek. Teaser alert, half a mile from this spot there is a wardrobe malfunction.

What do you think about traveling? My good friend Jill just got back from what looks like an AMAZING trip to Italy... check it out! 

Oh and thanks for the love on the irrational fears post yesterday! I made it through the testing, shed some tears, and definitely made a multitude of nurses laugh (at me). 

Have a wonderful Wednesday,


  1. Oh my gosh. SO beautiful! What an exciting adventure. Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Those pictures are beautiful! I can't wait to hear about the actual hiking expedition.