Sunday, May 17, 2015

Monday Runday

Happy Monday! folks! Was it the best weekend of your life? That's okay, I hear another weekend is coming up in a few short days... And it's a long one. So in the meantime, here let me tell you about trying to do things in the heat and humidity where you can laugh at me.

There was some house hunting (let's skip over that one for monotony's sake) and dive into our first Houston race! Man, it is so different running here. The humidity, the heat, the fact that I don't stop sweating for 30 minutes until after I'm done exercising... How do people do this? Seriously, when will I get back used to this. One day this weekend, Andrew and I were walking the pups and a man with a running stroller passed us 3 times on a one mile loop. 3 times... And he was jogging while pushing 2 CHILDREN! Super human- is the only explanation. 

But back to the race, a part of me wants to skip to the free Shipleys and Whataburger at the end of the race...but it is Monday, so you're not that lucky. We woke up around 5:30 and headed to nrg stadium in Houston. The drive was quick and easy (other than getting stuck in graduation traffic... Seriously it's 6am- that is not a reward) and we parked easily. After a quick line for the restrooms (racers out there know what a big deal this is) we headed to the start line. 

The race, Impact a Hero, provides immediate and ongoing support for severely wounded post 9-11 combat veterans and their families and caregivers. What a wonderful cause to support, but the way that the race honors these heroes was really something special. About 5 minutes before we are supposed to start a bunch of buses, trucks, and shuttles all pull up the the start line led in by 15 or so Harley Davidsons... Wasn't quite sure what was going on here, but I'm still stretching and trying to get used to the swamp that is Houston. Then huge applause erupts as the veterans file out of the vehicles with their families. It was an honor to see how excited everyone was the racers, the heroes, the spectators. Quite a few eyes were filled with tears as the National Anthem was sung and the MC made the final announcements. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect since we registered for this race on a whim, but that moment made it really a special opportunity.

Then the race started! After some hard core analysis of 'ok I'm probably faster than them, but way slower than them' I found a spot to start near the front half of the corral and waited. Since I knew it wouldn't be the miles that were tough, but getting used to Houston weather I intentionally didn't wear my Garmin (watch that calculates your pace, splits, and distance). My thought process was if I stress about how slow I'm going I'll be disappointed in myself and feel frustrated... That was a huge mistake. I set off SO fast and didn't even realize it! At the mile 1 marker my pace (just from how many songs had played) was definitely around 7:30- which for me is too fast for the weather. I tried to slow down because I knew I would be hitting the wall any moment, but then realized the water stop that I anticipated being around 1 was no where in sight. Now I really slowed down because I had not hydrated or ate well (oops triscuits and beer for dinner the night before) and knew to keep my legs moving in the right direction I needed to massively change pace. The rest of the race I tried to keep some sort of equal pace, but my time was definitely getting more and more sluggish all the while I kept thinking 'I didn't know how lucky I was to run in California'. Finally the finish line was in sight and I managed a teeny tiny increase in speed to not look like a total wimp at the end of the race. 

Yep, that's a kid trying to refrain from barfing on the finish line, but yay Andrew finishing! There was absolutely no PR this race, but it was a great race to run for an even better cause.

So why was the title of this Monday Runday? Well until I can convince myself to stop whining about the weather, I'm going to share my running trials and tribulations- I mean successes... on Mondays. 

What you missed in this weekend recap was... WE EMPTIED OUR POD! Here is an after shot and our tireless helpers!

What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting?


  1. Great job with the run girl - running in humidity and heat is no joke!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Hate humidity!! But so proud of you girl. Impact a hero-what a great cause!!! Hope your day is marvelous!!

  3. Good job with the race!! Free Whataburger at the end? I would be running my face off, for sure! Looks like a great weekend :)

  4. whatttt that sounds awesome!! And I can't believe the guy running with a stroller passed you guys so much, can I please be him?? haha I wanna be superhuman! but anyways, congrats on the race and just know I'm supppper jealous! I've always wanted to do a race!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. Ugh, running in humidity is so tough! Congrats on the race! Free Whataburger at the end sounds perfect! :)