Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Monday Runday on a Wednesday

What's in a name, anyways? Monday Runday version 1.0 is coming in two days late (even with the namesake in the title) and you can just deal with that.
Muddy shoes from sneaking onto the track
Ok, I kid. I joke! I'm eternally sorry and will try not to do that too often again. Here to make it up to you, I have a cute picture of a pup to share.

Look at those chompers... how could you not love that face?

Now that I am obviously forgiven, lets get down to it. You have heard me complain umpteenth times about the humidity and the heat and how I will never be able to exercise outside again. Well, never say never- unless it involves any photos of your middle school years, those can stay in the never category- because slowly, but surely I'm getting used to the sauna/workout combination.

Last week, my goal was to just get comfortable again while hitting the pavements and it was a success. I didn't push too hard for speed or mileage, but just got back into the swing of things. It felt so good to lace up my running shoes; something I missed during the move,

What it looked like?

M- 2m +yoga class
T- 3m
W- Off
Th- I couldn't go for a run... I got a weiner dog!
F-  3m
S- Easy 2.5-3m with Andrew
Su- Spin Class

What kept me going this week? 

Mostly trying to run faster than the mosquitos and listening to Undisclosed, a look back on the Serial case.

Goals for next week? 

Keep up with cross training and slowly add more miles. I need to stay slow, but build up my confidence running in a swamp first.

Anything else?

Oh my goodness, yes! Check out these before and after pictures! This is my running path at the beginning of the week and below is the picture after the MONSOON that Houston experienced this week. How insane!

Start of the week....
End of the week...
Anybody got any good runs in last week? Or a podcast to recommend? Send them my way!


  1. Your little weiner dog is so cute, I can't stand it! Also no runs to talk about because a runner I am not. But if you are interested in story type podcasts, Welcome to Night Vale is a good one. It's got about 60 episodes.

  2. Ah hope you stayed safe during the crazy weather there this week! And good luck with them mosquitoes!

  3. I'm impressed that you're getting out and running! I still haven't managed to do that in Columbia yet, just a few post-dinner walks :)

  4. Adorrrrrrable puppy!