Friday, May 8, 2015

Five for Friday- Houston Weekend 1.0

How the heck is it possibly Friday? Seriously! A week ago, you were treated to this crazy post and here we are 7 days later in a new state, with some sweet roommates, and a whole lot of things left on our to do list. But the weekends aren't for bummer tasks, so to lessen the blow of having to make real adult decisions we have a weekend if fun things to fill our days. Raise your breakfast mimosa (wishful thinking...) to embracing the 5 fun things for our first weekend in Texas! 


1) House hunting- 

I know you've heard me whine about it here and here (oops and here), but I've got a feeling we are honing in on something pretty darn good. We know what we want, we've hit the pavement 3 times already this week, and we are pretty darn motivated to settle in here. We are meeting our agent this afternoon, scoping out open houses on Saturday, and hopefully will be able to make our decision soon... Very soon.

2) Art-ing it up-

 I knew leaving the awesome arts and culture scene in Long Beach would be hard, so I've decided to really put out effort to find what cultural gems Houston has to offer. Tonight A and I are headed to an opening at Art League Houston and I must say in a little nervous. It's been years (or possibly never) to have known no one at an opening, but I'm sure we will see some amazing work and even get the chance to sneak in an artist talk or two. I know nothing about the organization, but saw the opening announcement online and thought it would be a fun addition to weekend 1.0. I'm particularly jazzed about a show called The Lucky Seven: Adventures of the New Saints by Stephanie Saint Sanchez.  

2) Shipley's- 

What you always wanted to know about Shipley Do-Nuts Shipley's Do-Nuts is opening its 300th location. In celebration, we asked company spokesperson Stacey Michel the questions we've always wanted to know. Photo: Shipley / Shipley
Does it make me a glutton to say I've been craving Shipley's donuts since... the second we entered the state? Don't believe me? You silly fool, you. We literally gave Shipleys out as a late night snack at our wedding. Donut think I'm lying (get it)? These deliciously, glazed fried-dough make me heart sing and it would only be right to start supporting this local business ASAP.

3) Getting back to the gym

A week of driving, eating all your favorites, and the above mentioned donuts has me craving to get back into the gym. We have our new gym passes all set up and have been hitting it up once a day since we got here. Hopefully once we are more settled, I can get back into a real running regimen again. I have my eye on the Houston Marathon and need to start building up the miles to be ready for training.

5) Mothers Day! 

Obviously the most important of part of this weekend will be celebrating the Moms in our life! This will be the first Mother's Day I've been home for in well over 5 years and am looking forward to spending it with my mom and mother in law. Although I'm a sentimental fool, it is great to have a holiday like this on our first weekend back. We have missed moments like these (and a million others) being so far away and now we will be here!

What are you up to this weekend? Stuffing your face with donuts? Awesome.



  1. So amazing that you are planning on doing the Houston Marathon - what an achievement that will be!!! Also those dounuts sound heavenly!!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I love that you can spend this Mother's Day with your mom! Have a great weekend and good luck with the house hunting!

  3. Love that you're getting ready for the marathon! I am always in awe of those who have the endurance for such an incredible race. And Shipley Donuts I've never heard of, but they sound delish! I'm a total sucker for great donut and coffee shops :)

    Happy Friday!

  4. Ah, enjoy your mothers day with your mom! I can't even imagine how sweet it is! Also, more about running please! Getting back into it is so tough. I'm putting in miles thinking, "You fool, you're long runs were awesome and then you stopped and now 2 is pathetic!"

  5. Have a great mothers day with your mama!! Oh man, I love a good donut shop and I bet Shipleys is amaaaaazinggg!! I totally just blogged about the workout I started, so far it is awesome!! andt totally kicking my bum haha the Houston marathon would be amazing! you got this!! :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  6. Happy mother's day and I hope it's a great weekend!

  7. Happy house hunting! It's so much fun!