Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Carbs for Life.

If you are hoping this post is about pizza, I'm with you. It isn't though. You can either click that little X or give me 1 minute because this is going to be a short one.

After completing the OC Marathon and Beach Bum Challenge... no more walking.

You know why it is going to be so short? Because I have to go lace up my running shoes and force myself out the door, into the humidity, and most definitely into the sweat. While wandering around last weekend, Andrew and I popped into the local running store to see if there were any group runs coming up (hey- anything is better than an appliance store- you've seen 1000, you've seen them all) and we signed up for a local 5k... for Saturday.

Now you haven't heard about it here much, but I love running. It is my outlet, my stress decompressor, and a time during my day where it is just me and my slow/fast/indistinct/persnickety pace. I've done about a dozen half marathons, 1 full marathon (hopefully another coming in January), and 5ks off and on for the past 6 years. About 5 days a week I hit the pavement and run. Often slow and short, but sometimes surprisingly long and refreshing. Even during the most stressful times (morning of our wedding and basically the whole summer A was studying for the bar), a run is one of the only things that will calm me down.

BUT, and here is the big but, HUMIDITY. Ya'll this is a real thing. And it is awful for someone moving back to the sweatiest place on earth after 9 years. See how late I'm posting today? It is because I'm dragging my feet to go out there and do a measly short run. I liken it to the experience of scuba diving- think about how weird and Darth Vader-y your breathing sounds... it is just like that. You start sweating before you have hit the edge of the block and it all goes downhill from there. By the time I'm a quarter of a mile in, my face will be red like a beet and I will already want to turn around and become an even larger couch potato. 

So there isn't a real ending to this post because I AM going to get out there and run. And I will convince myself that it is just the heat and humidity and I haven't actually lost all my cardio fitness. And Saturday will come and it will be an awesome race because it will be done. 

So send water, an ambulance, and sanity because I'm headed out.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Now I'm craving pizza :-P

    So amazed by how dedicated you are to running. I ran in my first 5k a few weeks ago, and I definitely had to train for it. But I hear ya on the heat and humidity... the humidity has definitely set in here in FL too. Keep up the great work...So inspiring!

  2. Oh gosh!! humidity is no fun to run in at all!!! I'm so excited for you and I think you are going to do a great job! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I'm amping myself up for my run tonight, as well! You've completely got this -- you'll be right back not messily done runs in no time...but the messy is necessary now!

  4. Girl, I feel your pain! Moving back to a humid city and attempting to get back out and running with summer coming on quick? So. Much. Fun. ;)

  5. The heat and humidity here in Florida is kicking my butt! I try to run first thing in the morning when the humidity is high but the heat is tolerable. Ugh!

  6. Hope your run went well! How does one become such a good runner! I don't think I could do it for even one minute straight. Ah