Thursday, May 7, 2015

All The Feelings...

Warning- this post has been aluded to before. You may just want to skip over this and do yourself a favor, because this post is ALL THE FEELINGS. Laughable, maybe lovable, and definitely full of lots of feelings. I wanted to post this last week (and it all honesty it was mostly ready and I haven't changed the tenses), but my priorities were on conversation hearts and magic eraser sponges. Hopefully now you can chuckle a bit and shake your head (below) at the madness that is moving.

horse animated GIF
Please do this to your computer screen and send me a photo.

It isn’t like I haven’t ever moved before, but this time it just seems so much more difficult. Actually scratch that- I think it seems more difficult because it is happening now and it isn't clouded by the decay of memories. Even the exciting things like looking at houses and remembering that there will be no state income tax (woo hoo!) gets overwhelming after a while. I caught myself looking up Trader Joe’s proximity to houses that I was Zillow-ing and thought someone might need to call the authorities and take away my internet privileges.

Looking back on my 2 big moves before, I WAS A MESS BEFORE THEM TOO- so obviously lets recount the experiences. When I was moving to college, I cried in a shoe store. Not like a little cry, but a big, ugly-faced, loud, obnoxious cry in a mall on a busy day. Why, you ask? I wanted a pair of sandals, looked at the price and they were expensive, and my mother offered to pay for them. THAT IS NOT A REASON TO CRY. That is a reason to believe that your mother is a saint and grab the sandals before she changes her mind. What happened was a massive breakdown with people stopping, staring, and probably thanking they're lucky they don't have a daughter like me. It was as bad as if someone came up and told me that the mysterious-millionaire-African-uncle-who-left-me-a-million-dollars wasn't real. I sobbed, but got the shoes. Then I TREASURED the shoes. I wore them literally until my foot wore a hole in the sole of the shoe and I could see through it. I hope my mother has blacked out the experience because if not maybe she won't be pleased we are moving home.

RealityTVGIFs animated GIF
I hope my mom doesn't see this- she will be even more embarrassed of her offspring.
The second big move, well it was 5 years ago and I still didn’t behave any better. I did what any mature 22 year old does and realized the night before driving my car across 5 states, that I actually didn't want to go to graduate school. No worries,it is not like I had already signed all the paperwork and took out the student loans or anything- lies! But I thought it would be a better idea to live at home, jobless, and like a hermit forever. Spoiler alert, no one was rallying around my plan, so I took the bull by the horn and made my own decision. What was my decision? Oh, that is easy. I tried to get drunk off light beer (so bloated and it didn't even work) and every time someone would pack 1 thing in my car, I would take another thing out. Skipping the (not so fuzzy) details, my plan backfired and the next day my car was packed, my stomach was feeling not the greatest, and Texas was in the rear view mirror.
beer animated GIF
None of these moves have been bad. In fact, these moves have been incredible.So why is it hard this time? Andrew and I have talked about moving back to Texas literally since before he moved out to California! We have so much Texas memorabilia in our home, we wear cowboy boots on Go Texan Day!, and have been (fruitlessly) searching for good Texas BBQ since we moved out here… 5 years ago. This is something that we have planned for, dreamed up crazy scenarios, and counted on as our next step, but it still is causing the crazy sandal-buying, beer-unpacking feelings.

I think right now that this is just the new MO for a bit and sometimes it is ok to become frantic with too much tea and not enough reality TV to keep it in check. Until then, I will limit myself to decaf and survive on Netflix.

Hahaha- little did I know while writing this that I would cry, poorly pack a pod, and live on my living room floor for a whole week!

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  1. found you through another blog I read. Moving's tough. I'm not prepared for whenever Kyle and I make a move. It was hard enough moving into our current home! And you're moving to another state, that's even tougher.

    Liz → {sundays with sophie}

  2. Oh my goodness, I HATE moving! It's such a mess!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. I'm a sentimental goon -- even if I'm so excited to a move, I will break down and I will cry, and I will want to stay. Even if the house is 20 minutes from the old one. We're hoping to move out of our home state for a few years before coming back to really settle, but check in with me when that actually happens because I'll probably be wailing and gripping the ground at the state line!

  4. Girl, you're not alone! Moving is hard. Especially hard emotionally. Embrace those ugly cries!

  5. Moving is so hard so you are totally not alone in your feelings!! It will get easier though!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. When I left home at 18, I couldn't wait to move across the country! However, if anyone tried to move me away from my current home, I might do the same as you - take one thing out for everything put in. haha!

  7. Oy, I'm about to make a move myself! I totally feel you on the cry-because-my-mom-is-buying-me-shoes-and-I-just-want-to-not-deal-with-emotions episode.