Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Letter To Otto AKA the Saddest Pup in the World

Dear Otto-

Otto, the new, middle child

I see those sad eyes. Your tail is lowered and you run (as much as a fat weiner dog can do so) out of the room when our bundle of joy tramples into the vicinity. You aren't tricking anyone when you face the the wall to not see the pups- they are still there. Your head hangs to the ground and if I catch you one more time hiding in the office by yourself I may have to cry. Or may have already... Some things you don't need to admit to on the internet.

I'm sorry we got a puppy.... and another puppy. False- I'm sorry that you don't see how awesome it is that you have two MORE puppy brothers. Think about the possibilities! You pee inside? No one will think it is you! You want extra walks? Everyone wants to give you more attention to make you feel better! You want to assert your dominance? Literally, you are almost 8x the weight of these little guys. You are TOTALLY winning the dog lottery here.

Boomer, the old, deaf man
Your brother, Boomer, he is old. You know this. He has a white face, paws, body... okay he is basically a snow man at this point and that poor dog can't hear anything even if his life depended on it. Good thing he is so damn lovable. Having a bigger family may work to your advantage. Every pack needs a leader and I think it is you. I know they are annoying, they TOTALLY bite your butt a weirdly large amount, and the doggie door is the most confusing contraption in the world to them. BUT they're your brothers. You have to teach them these things (and it is okay to growl if they keep biting your rear).

Puppies have all the energy... and sharp teeth
So stop breaking our hearts and try to play nice. We didn't get a new set of puppies to make you sad. We got them to join the clan. In fact, if you weren't so darn (obese, disobedient, butt-juice-prone- don't google this, it is terrible) perfect, then we might not have gotten any at all! 
Look at this little brother of yours... he even looks like you!

And Cal, he is Andrew and I's puppy! He won't even live full time with you... he is basically just a psycho nephew that you only see once a week.

So cheer up, Ottie. No one could come close to you! Here is an insider tip, I've been a middle child for almost my whole life...and it is pretty awesome.



  1. This is too cute!! I hope Otto adjusts into his new role in the family well and enjoys the new pup :)

  2. Awww this is adorable! I hope Otto cheers up soon. I have a cat names Boomer and he is a bit of a grumpy old man too! haha

  3. Oh my goodness - I can't even stand how cute the puppies are and I hope Mr. Otto adjusts to being a big brother soon! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Cheer up Otto!!!! Cutest pups ever!!!!!! Don't know what we'd do without out Daisy but I know she would not adjust very well either. Bet they'll be buds soon. xo


  5. Aww, I hope Otto cheers up! Your new puppy is SO CUTE! :)