Friday, May 15, 2015

5 for Friday- What I Gotta Get Done Next Week

Wow, what a bummer. You are literally reading my to-do list for next week. Feel over it? Don't. Because to-do lists are a necessity for me to get through life. I might not remember to wake up and eat breakfast otherwise- kidding ya'll! I gotta wake up and fuel, so that I can binge watch another series on Netflix... funemployment. 

thinking animated GIF

But seriously, to-do lists are as much as part of my day as brushing my teeth and feeling dread in the pit of my stomach that I have left the oven on as soon as I leave the house. Actually to-do lists are apparently all the rage. To Do List Blog told me that: 96% of people in the survey say their lives are better with to-do lists. 89% say they enjoy making lists, 28% identify as obsessive listmakers, 83% of people still prefer handwritten to-do lists (and I will 100% kill you if you cross off something on my to-do list), and my guilty pleasure... 50% of people admit to writing a task on the list down that they've already completed just so they can cross it off. All day long, folks. All day long.

So what is on my last weekly to-do list of funemployment? So many fun things... you'll probably be jealous. That is ok. I will let you complete the tasks for me if you're REALLY nice.

1) Find a House- 

Nope, still haven't found one. We should do that. Living at the 'rents is awesome, but I'm scecretly fearing the day when I come home and all my belongings are splayed on the front lawn with a room for rent sign next to it. 

2) Getting Some New Work Clothes- 

Funny thing. Since we don't have a house, we haven't unpacked our Pod (ya know the thing that holds all our belongings). So while I COULD rock my gym shorts and t-shirts at the new office, I think they wouldn't let me come back for day 2. On the list for next week is purchasing some new interchangeable pieces to supplement my work clothes until that pod is back in reach.

3) Find a Place For Our Pod- 

Never believe when people tell you, "you don't need to worry about that, it never happens." It happens because of that voodoo curse! Our Pod (or U-Pack people to be exact) told us that there is always enough storage and we can leave the pod at the terminal until we are ready to pick it up the next day, the next month, whenever! Oooops- apparently we are the exception to the rule. So not only do WE not have a home, but our pod doesn't have a home either. #YOMOOD (you only move once, or die).

4) Get the Chile Recaps Done-

I promise that we actually did go to Chile and actually did have an AMAZING time. I'm committing to sitting down and penning  the rest of the recaps and getting them out there. 

5) A Lot of Nothing-

It is my last week of nothing and it would be cruel to jam pack it too much! Hopefully there is a lot of sitting by the pool, catching up on reading, and Netflix sessions deep into the 10 o'clock hour (I'm old, ya'll). Oh yeah, and running. 

What do you have going on this weekend? You're going to find a place for our pod... that is so kind. 



  1. Good luck with the house search! Target, Gap, and Kohl's are my go-to places for work clothes!

  2. I live in South Carolina. The humidity is intense. I don't even bother with powder or foundation on some days. It just melts off.