Monday, April 13, 2015

Wine-ing Weekend

Don't let the title scare you, not whining! I promise, you can keep reading. Our weekend had a lot of  wine-ing as we explored Temecula with friends. It was a blast, the weather was beautiful, wines were a-pouring, and great company to boot. AND it was one check off our California Bucket List. Another great weekend for the books.

Andrew and I drove out to Temecula on Friday night to the house that our gang of 10+ were sharing for the weekend. The house was so nice- it almost made coming home to our little bungalow a little depressing. The house had a koi pond, a rock-walled (and HUGE) spa, tons of shared space, and enough bedrooms for all of us- I don't know how our friends found it. So Friday night was spent lounging around the house and catching up.

Saturday the real trouble started...

But Saturday- Saturday was for wine tasting. And we succeeded. Time and time again. We started off by carbo loading on my Mom's breakfast casserole (I will share sometime soon) and this breakfast cake from Lisa Loves John. After we were full, we popped into some Ubers and were on our way for the day. Seeing as how most of the wineries open at 10am and we had such a large group, we were anxious to get going. But, for the record, it was was definitely different than what we are normally up to before noon on Saturdays. 

Our group of 12 was able to make it to 5 wineries before 5pm (I feel like this is impressive for a group of this size) and some of the places were great and others a little more meh.

We started at Chapin Family Vineyards and were lucky enough for Steve, one of the owners, to be our wine guide for the tasting. Out of the 5 I tried (not including Andrew's- sorry love) I definietly liked the Vognier and the Syrah. They did have an Orange Muscat that I was kicking myslef for not ordering- in large part to the cute half bottle. So the bottle comment probably outed me, but you are warned- I'm obviously not a wine expert- just a fan. Chapin was one of my favorites for the day and had a great tasting room balcony with a lot of individual attention.

After Chapin, we headed to Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards, which was gorgeous, but not my favorite. The place was HUGE and although they had some cool add ons like live music and a full restaurant, it didn't feel very personalized. Due to our group size we weren't able to get into the tasting room, but had a great time chatting outside while the boys played bocce ball. I did REALLY like their white cabernet (so weird-right?) and others in our group were raving about the almond champagne.

Judge all you want... it was delicious
From Wilson, we headed to Wiens Family Cellars. This place was also beautiful, but much larger than the places we loved in Napa. We bought a few bottles and ate delicious pizza (I told you I was not a wine expert- just a fan) on the patio. If I got to come back, I would definitely go for the tasting to get the personal touch, but large groups... and hunger made the patio seem very inviting.

We then headed to my absolute favorite place of the trip, Vindemia. We definitely had some wide eyes going on when our Uber rolled up a dirt road and dropped us off with no building in site, but this charming family winery was so perfect. The tasting room is outdoors with a couple bars parked under the shade of some trees and ample seating if you want to relax. The sauvignon blanc and syrah were my favorites and I really wish I bought a bottle of the sauvignon blanc. I know others in our group were not the biggest fan of the outdoors (and... porta potties), but I totally recommend the place.

Then because we were lushes we hopped back in the Uber and headed to Hart Family Winery. By this time if I kept with a full tasting there would have been trouble, so Andrew and I shared one with him getting about 90% of the wine. Sharing is caring. I liked how small and cozy the place was and liked the 2012 Zinfandel. 

So yeah, a lot of wines were had by 5pm. On Saturday night, we got back, ate some lasagna, and had some hilarious conversations. This morning happened too quickly and I may have napped all afternoon. Another weekend closer to being kicked out of California, but this is one that we will absolutely remember for a long time.

What do you think your winery tap out number would be? In Napa, we were able to fit 7 into one day, but this weekend 4 was good for me.

Hope that you had a wonderful weekend,


  1. I love your dress! We live close to win country in our area and I have never been! Now I want to :)

  2. You need to! It is such a fun way to spend the weekend- or just a couple hours :)

  3. This is amazing! In Ohio, Vineyards are not exactly everywhere; but what an amazing sunny, Wine-y weekend! Perfect!

  4. Thanks, Shelby! I one time saw a clump of wineries in Northern Indiana... maybe there are some hidden ones nearby ;0

  5. holy cow! that is the perfect weekend - 5 wineries before 5!! love me some wine :)

    1. Thanks, Amanda :) It was way fun, but no wine on Sunday. Too much fun for one weekend!

  6. We recently stopped in Temecula on a California road trip, and I am so eager to see more! Such a beautiful area. I love your photos. :)

  7. There is nothing better than a leisurely day doing some winery hopping - love it! Such beautiful photos :)

  8. So just wanted to let you know that I tried to reply back to you directly on your comment you left but couldn't because you are a no reply blogger! <--- here's a good tutorial on how to fix it!

  9. A weekend full of wine & wineries? Yes, please!