Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend is not done yet!

I'm writing this a hotel room in West Texas with an adult beverage in hand while staring at an atlas. Needless to say this won't be a long post...

My mom and I are about halfway to our destination of Houston, Texas with a carful of... anything I could shove in my car. That's right- step 1 of our move is underway! Because moving across country is so fun, of course, I have to do the drive 2x in 2 weeks with 2 different cars jam packed with ALL THE THINGS!

It's actually been a blast driving so far today and hopefully we have another safe and fun day tomorrow. 

I'll be back with more substantial (and warning- possibly sappy) posts later this week. Here are some snaps of my weekend so far...

Linds (my most loyal reader and chef de chicken salad) and I "hiking" in Griffith Park :)

Windmill city about 2 hours into our drive (note the clean windshield)

We made it... To the right state- 11 hours still to go!

Just your average Sunday Funday...

Hope you're jazzed for a new work week and good luck to all the Boston marathoners today!!!


  1. Hmm... that looks like my kind of "hiking"! Good luck with the rest of your road trip today!

  2. Border patrol?? Were you driving through Mexico? Good luck with the move! Have a safe drive!