Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Strike 2 and a Pinterest Fail

And we are back from Houston with...OUT a house!

This photo will make more sense by the end of the post... promise.


No worries, we are only moving in 23 days. Anyone have a couch where I can live? Oh, and my husband. Oh, and one with access to a DVR. Oh, and we want to get a dog. Sound good?

In all honesty, we did find 3 places that we really liked. I would show pictures here, but because of offers on them (not ours) they will not be our Houston home. It was good to see that there were multiple places that we were interested in (and one place that we absolutely LOVED). So options exist, but there are so many things that we still have to consider.

Although we grew up in Houston, we grew up in the suburbs. There are a lot of unknowns. We don't know exactly what part of town we want to be in- are we more the Heights? or Montrose? Do we want to try a more emerging area? Or go for something tried and true? And then there are bigger issues like do we buy a house for this stage of our lives (probably not) or something that we can grow into more? Well, what the heck are we going to grow into?!? Do we want to live near Andrew's job in the suburb (NO) or do we want to find something in town (more $$$s)? What about access to green space? We run and hike so much here, but it is 100 million degrees (science, y'all) in H town. It has been a good exercise at looking at the bigger picture, longer term stuff that honestly living in a one bedroom bungalow in Southern California doesn't make you think of.

So we don't have a house, but we have answers to many of those questions. And that is great. We are lucky enough to have some places to crash for a couple weeks (thanks moms and dads) and if we end up in short term housing we can explore the city.

But these things are serious, so I want to share you my latest Pinterest fail. I will absolutely talk about this more in the future, but I LOVE Pinterest. Cute DIY, all over that shiz. Fancy pants cocktails, any day of the week. Delicious dinners, you betcha. And I have a pretty decent track record with even my more adventurous Pinterest tries (you can find my Pinterest-tried recipes here). But here is a big fat Pinterest fail. And I think it is hilarious.

If you have spent any time in Texas in the Spring, then you know there are the most gorgeous bluebonnets. Now if you are a Pinterest user in Texas during the Spring, then you see gorgeous bluebonnet photos everywhere. AND if you are a Pinterest/Texan/Spring-time/dog-lover then you see adorable photos like this...
Yorkies in Texas bluebonnets! Love!!!!!
Adorably Via

Now obviously this was something that I needed to recreate with our own adorable wiener dogs... and this is where the fun started folks. I had my fancy pants camera all ready while scouting locations on I-10- and then all the things happened and it was a hilarious catastrophe. We jumped the gun and pulled off the freeway at field (or curb) outside an EXOTIC GAME PROCESSING BUSINESS. Ok. We can recover. I pulled by camera out AND THE BATTERY WAS DEAD. Ok. Cell phones exist. Then the dogs just put the cherry on the bluebonnet-hating-cake and refused to go into them. I don't know if it was the color, the height, or (probably) the smell of the game processing business, but the photos are hilarious. I took 80+, but ain't no body got time for that. So here you go!

Why you look so depressed, Otto?

Hey there stank eye. Glad you could make it into this picture. Great street in the background. A+.

Don't mind me.... just got a weed in the camera shot. Oh and a hand.

Wow. Adorable with that SUV in the background. Hoping we can get some exotic game when we finish this 'photoshoot'...

So pinterest fails abound, but alas. It was fun. Big props to my lil sis and her bf for traipsing around the bluebonnets with us and helping snap these... photos.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Here's hoping that y'all come across a house that you love soon! & maybe you'll have better luck next time with the bluebonnet pictures :)

    1. Lol- YES! Yes to all of those things... Know a magician? I think that is what we really need!

  2. Your pups are adorable! Are they dachshunds? One of my favourite breeds! I hope to own one one day.

    1. Yes they are! And they are wonderful. Ok, they are stubborn and snore hilariously loud, but so lovable.

  3. Haha! Adorable pups! I'm convinced that Pinterest photo is photoshopped. How are they standing perfectly on top of the blue bonnets?! haha

    1. SOMETHING ON PINTEREST IS PHOTOSHOPPED! This is about as sad as when I realized I wasn't going to get my Hogwarts letter.

  4. Boo...sorry to hear that you came back empty handed so to say but I'm sure once you get back there, get settled in and get a feel for it, you will have a better grasp of what and where you want to be.

    I swear, Pinterest exists just to make you feel inadequate. Like look at this super simple craft you can make it an hour. Meanwhile, a $100 and three days later all you have to show for it is an empty bottle of wine ;-) I can't really complain 90% of the recipes I try are good!

  5. Hi Shay, it is your uncle Frank. GREAT, pictures. Really like the dogs, they are so, BIG, since I last saw them. BEST, frank.