Friday, April 24, 2015

Party Prep AKA Last Minute Struggle To Make Things Look Intentional

I did it again, folks. I had grand plans for something extravagant and here we are 24 hours in advance and all I can do is sit paralyzed by lack of time/pre-planning/general laziness.

Our going away shindig is a day away and it is far from the perfectly planned soiree of the century that I have dreamed of. In fact, all that is planned is the time and date. 

Food, no.
Drinks, no.
Decor, no. 
Furniture for people to sit on, no.

Literally, we will have an empty house with nothing on the walls, no furniture, and no serving ware- not that that matters seeing as we have no food or drinks to serve. Oops. Moving brain has hit, and it has hit hard.

Andrew and I wanted to celebrate with something small meaning a guest list of just a few of our close friends to be able to properly say good bye in a fun and festive environment. Great! And then I decided that it couldn't just be a run of the mill shindig- it needed to be Texas themed. Awesome! But then that was the last planning I did. 

Oops. So here are my 5 for Friday ideas on how to get a party planned in a day- all with recognition that very little 

1) Some Sweet Cocktails
My husband's family has a FANTASTIC margarita recipe that we can whip up... if someone is willing to bring a blender. Scratch that. No margaritas.
But we can do a cute blended drink in a dispenser for easy access with some beer. We can call a cute name like Texas Tornado or ... okay that is my only idea and it will seem thoughtful.

2) Tasty Low Maintenance Food
No pots, no pans- in some ways this has been a dream week! Having people over with no pots and no pans means that you're getting something easy and this is where my good friend Trader Joes comes in. Have you tried the Mac and Cheese Bites- that sounds Texan, right? Pair that with some chips and dip... we will figure our how to serve this later. Hopefully no one will even notice that this is the most gourmet thing we have eaten in a week.

3) Big Texas Hair/ Killer Mustaches/ A Metric Ton of Bandannas

So I don't think I will be able to muster up a mustache in time, but here is something that you can bet your (cowboy) boots that I will be doing my best to live up to stereotypes. And who knows? Maybe, the higher the hair the closer... people will be to ignoring the blank walls! 

4) Scrounged Up Party Supplies
Let me honest- I really can't not try to do a COUPLE special things! I love the big balloon letters and maybe some cheapo party supplies from a local party supply store (anybody have some hours in the day that they can share...) would make me feel a little more prepared. It is silly, but I would love to have a little something cute to make me feel like we are treating our friends. Even typing it seems crazy, but a girl can dream!

5) A Laid Back Attitude
Maybe it won't be the pinterest perfect (not the first time), but in reality that is SO FAR down on the priority list. We are so lucky to have a handful of friends that have made the past 5 years so much fun. Now we get to have one more hoorah of this before future shindigs require a flight plane and a lot more planning. So while I wish it would be a little more thoughtful, moving is hard! And as long as everyone has a good time- nothing matters!

What would you do with 24 hours till an un-planned party?

Have a great weekend,


  1. Good luck with the last minute planning! I am all about the cheapo decorations. A last minute cut out pendant banner and balloons. Done and done!

    1. You had me at pendant and balloons- that is EXACTLY what I picked up at Party City.

  2. Definitely keep it simple! I've had those mac and cheese balls before and they are fantastic, and Trader Joe's also has plenty of other party-ready apps :) Hope it all went well!

    1. Aren't they delicious! I swear- I could live off of Trader Joe's frozen meals and 2 buck chuck :)