Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Packing Advice- Because Living It Isn't Torture Enough

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Our pod with 2 mattresses, 1 bed frame, 17 boxes, 1 couch, 1 armchair/ottoman, 1 dresser, 1 kitchen table w/4 chairs, and all the random stuff we could shove in. We still have WAY more to go...

Guys, I thought I would be so good at this. I researched, cross-referenced the research, bought supplies. I just KNEW that I would be an Olympic level packer. In my brain there were tight timelines, pristine counter-tops, and perfectly portioned number of crock pot meals- none of that happened. I'm currently STILL living through moving hel... (p me, please).

With 3 days to go, I'm spending my nights on an air mattress (yay- at least our mattress is packed) and my days frantically going through endless junk drawers. Also about 90% of my time is spent  convincing myself to sign up for the Hoarders TV show. We have a teeny tiny pod that will move all our belongings from CA to TX. It is more than fair to compare this to a life-size tetris game... sans the annoyingly catchy theme song.

But instead of just aimlessly whining, I thought I would share our experience so far. I have lots of ideas on what has (so far) worked and what has tragically and hilariously not at all worked.

What Has Not Worked:

My ridiculous ideas on meal planning- want to know what I have been eating... anything. Cupcakes from our party this weekend have been a staple that and conversation hearts from Valentine's day that I found in a drawer (do you need more convincing on the hoarder conversation...?)
Thinking I have actually accomplished anything- The second you THINK you finished a task, you find an extra lonely sock or one more pillow case. I haven't finished any task since 1992 apparently. Moving is hard, packing is hard, and my stomach hurts from all the darn conversation hearts I have been eating.
Boxes- This was something I thought we had done fantastically on. We started hoarding away a couple boxes at a time here and there and before we knew it- we basically live in a card board box. I kid you not, we have so many extra boxes... WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM! They are sadly going to be put in the recycling bin after our month long quest to accumulate every cardboard box in Southern California.

What Has Worked:

Color Coding Boxes- Each room has a specific color of tape put on the corners of the boxes... hopefully this will make the unpacking a little easier. 
Google Docs- We created a little index of what exactly is in each box (ok, I kind of quit that halfway through box 7208362 today, but at least 3/4th of the boxes are perfectly cataloged).
My Husband- He is earning so many good karma points.
Nothing Else- I mean that...nothing else

What Is Hilarious and if this Happens to You, Consider Yourself a Stepford Wife:

Everything you find on Pinterest Ever

So, here is my plea. Someone come save me from moving. I literally wished I was at work today instead of packing and sorting and lugging to the storage unit. And if you can't do that, please block all murder mystery shows and internet... the only thing worse than moving, might be moving while convinced that mass murderers are around every corner. And if you can't do that, send me a nice dry white wine,

The whining is done... for now,


  1. Moving is always such a pain, but at least the end is in sight...good luck! And keep eating those cupcakes! :)

    1. Those cupcakes aren't going anywhere (but my thighs)! It is money saving, right?!?

  2. AH! I thought I was so prepared when we moved...until we were still putting things in boxes at 11pm the night before the movers came while tears streamed down my face, and my husband fell asleep standing up. But you're so close to the finish line -- and a catalog of your boxes, brilliant! You'll make it out alive, and your stomach will soon know how it used to feel before it developed a thin lining of candied hearts.

    1. This makes me feel better! I'm sure there will still be boxes to pack... BUT I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE DONE!

  3. ha, when i don't meal plan that's the very same as me!! Always. Which is why I must.

  4. Colour coding boxes is a HUGE help. And, always better to have more boxes thn not enough. Good luck Shay! You're almost there!

  5. I seriously dread our next move. We have accumulated too much stuff.

  6. I am an organization freak but when it comes to moving, it's a free for all shit show. Anything that's not breakable gets thrown in the truck. I loathe moving, probably because I've moved three times in three years. You would think I would have it down by now but nope!