Thursday, April 2, 2015

House Hunting Part Deux... Do We Dare?

So a few weeks ago I went house hunting in Houston. This is what I thought it would be like:

Ya know just casually shopping around town, finding majorly wonderful homes, and probably going to have a hard time which one to buy- because there will undoubtedly be so many.

This is not what happened. This is what happened:

black and white animated GIF

I know, I shouldn't have done that for you. PLEASE DO NOT LOOK TOO LONG AND GET A STROKE AND DIE. I just like the gifs.

We have talked about this before, but it was a mild nightmare during house hunting trip numero uno. Andrew was back in CA. It was raining, I was tired and grouchy, the homes looked COMPLETELY different than they did online, and (just going to throw this one out there) there were big dead Texas size roaches. So yes, in case you still were not 100% sure, this is me acting like a sad, sad child.

Here is what was learned from the first trip:  
1) I know that we do not want to live in the houses that I did see
2)I understand that house hunting online is not 100% effective
3) Looking at short term rentals is now on the top of the priority list.

So tomorrow is the day, y'all. We are going to be back in Houston with our last chance to look at properties. This in all likelihood will be the last time we get to look before our move (in less than a month), but that is ok. See numero 3 on that list up there. Short term housing. Yes, we really want to find our kinda-forever home and start picking out paint colors (well, I do), but this is huge. And scary. And by far the biggest expense we've ever had.

It has become more and more apparent as of late that the overwhelming excitement of moving is paired an incredible amount of work to actually make it happen. Maybe my unrealistic expectations weren’t founded in reality, but it takes serious time and commitment to do all these tasks. I will say that YES it is discouraging when one of the homes you enter literally has an old hospital bed from who knows when still inside (I won't share, but there is photographic proof). So even if the excitement of moving is tainted by the task of actualy move, I really do have good feelings about what Houston will bring in terms of opportunity for us.

So wish us luck! And wish our relator sanity through the process!!!


  1. haha that gif. YIKES! i stared at it way too long. we just bought a house last november ad the process is crazy, but so worth it!

  2. Bah! Sorry, Amanda! I almost gave myself a stroke trying to resize it, but I pretended it was Friday and that it didn't matter ;)

  3. Ha, I think you hit the house hunting ordeal on the head with those graphics; it's always so nuts! It will pay off in the end when you find the perfect place!

  4. I'm glad you like them, Christina!!! We are jumping on the plane to get searching in just a few hours- woo hoo!