Friday, April 10, 2015

Five for Friday- Pinterest Recipe Wins

Is it Friday yet? Thank goodness. This week has been hard. It has been exhausting. It has been day after day of being tired with a vengeance. But it is Friday and that is great because now I can exhaust myself with a whole other set of activities- fun ones.

This Five for Friday post is brought to you by my intense exhaustion-induced anger when the only pan left for cooking last night was one of those non-non stick ones (double negatives never killed anyone). I turned around for one Real Housewives cat fight and the meat I was browning was 90% stuck to the pan. Yes. You can judge me, I forgot the Pam. It is fine. We still ate it. I hope the Teflon particles don't carry too many carcinogens. #wifeforthewin

But anyways, Five for Friday- Pinterest recipes! I am so on the Pinterest bandwagon. I check it in the morning, I check while my heating up my leftovers (usually Pinterest made) at work, I check it at the bank, and at the grocery store- there is entirely too much Pinterest-ing in my life 99% of the time. My addiction is pretty much just to the recipes, but there are thousands, millions, I don’t know probably BILLIONS (it is ok to cringe at my lack of deductive math reasoning here) of recipes out there on Pinterest and I want to look at all of them.The best are the ones that look fancy, but are actually not that fancy. The worst are the ones where they tell you that you can make 7920461418 dinners for 100 bucks in your crockpot.

Here is a list of my top 5 total WINS of Pinterest cooking. Maybe even you will be interested in trying one of these out sometime soon! For all my Pinterest recipe tries, click here!

Great! We went to this place and had this in Napa! Next time- a little less cream
Here is an amazing tomato soup that we had at a bistro in Napa. It is a total winner; I’ve made it for book club, for the in laws, and for anyone else that I feel like faking fancy for. Please note- it is not by accident that I have never made this just for Andrew and I.

Good! Must marinate overnight- great marinade!!! Grilled Honey, Lime,  Sriracha Chicken Skewers
Delicious dinner right here for you folks! It is light, summer-y, and tastes so fresh!

Made for superbowl! Very delish- time consuming, but worth it!!!
Here is a great appetizer to bring to a casual party! Everybody loves pretzels and bring some queso or whip up a batch of honey mustard and you will be everyone’s favorite party guest.

Good! Spicy, easy, and filling. Makes lots! Black Bean & Corn Salad
Love to make this spicy bean and corn salad as a side dish and then use it the rest of the week on salads (so good) or on top of a baked sweet potato. The recipe makes so much!

Really great! Make again!!! Zucchini Tots by raylynntexas
Ok, this is not fancy, but it is like being a kid with tater tots. Do it. You won't regret it. The first time we made them... we re-made them within 3 days. Just tasty.

TGIF, y'all. TGIF! What are your thoughts on Pinterest cooking?


  1. I have found some gem recipes on Pinterest but you're so right - so many of them stink. Too many obscure ingredients, complicated prep, weird tools required. No thanks.
    Happy weekend!

  2. So many stop me because I literally can't find the ingredients in the store!!! Ok... frozen pizza it is!

  3. I just printed that corn/black bean salad thingy. I've made one similar but it was more of a dip. I like the idea of putting over salads. I may have for lunch next week and just add some grilled chicken.

    1. Yay! Let me know what you think, My favorite (it makes A LOT) is on baked sweet potatoes at work. Its delightful!