Friday, April 17, 2015

Five for Friday- Book Club Edition

Woo hoo! It is Fri-yay! I'm genuinely happy that today marks the end of the work week, but that means only 4 more work days till I am (f)unemployed. It has been bitter sweet training people on what I have really enjoyed over the past couple years, but bitter sweet does not even START to reflect all the feelings I had a couple nights ago at our last book club night before I move.

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I know, I know- it sounds so silly, but this all-girl 'literary' group has really been a highlight on my social calendar. It was circled, written in big letters, and bold-ed on my calendar because I knew book club was always a good time. There is no doubt that I married the most generously patient man in the universe, but sometimes you want to just do girly things with the lady friends to makes your heart happy. Growing up with two sisters, I definitely crave female company and surprisingly Andrew cares very little about... anything girly. 

Book club is what my group of lady friends found easiest, but it doesn't even have to be a book club, it could be a running club or yoga class or comrades at the office. What matters is the fellowship of other peers in a 100% supportive and loving environment- with wine. So grab a glass (or pretend because drinking at work is discouraged) and listen to me being a sad sap about 5 reasons why things like book club matter.

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Comradery or Creating a Peer Group- This is a biggie. I don't know if it is just me, but once you get out of college or grad school and into the real world, it was hard to find a group of pals. Yes, you may meet lots of people, but finding the time and common ground to build relationships can be difficult. Having a book club created a peer group that was always there to support, laugh, and share in whatever your experiences may be. It is wonderful to have an outlet where, whether you need to belt out frustrations or 'ooh and ahh' over someone's next big life change, a kind ear is listening. I don't think that these women have even a small idea how much comradery they have brought to me. I will miss that.

Common Interests- So for book club, we had books (and wine) in common, but I think this would work for anything- a cooking club, running group, or painting class. Having a book to chat about every month was so nice to see how others reacted to the topic and how they connected to certain characters and situations. With a group of loud articulate women, it was always interesting to see what certain individuals had to say about topics that came up. I have been impressed by the level of honesty people feel comfortable with when the conversation starts from a situation in a book. Whether it is about Zadie Smith's under-age adultery or what the heck Scientology is all about- some of these conversations have shaped my thoughts on things in ways that are unexpected. Having a starting point for conversations deepened the honesty level. 

Delicious Treats- So sometimes Andrew just doesn't care about trying a new brunch food, he just wants to eat it. Scarf it down, in fact. On the most superficial level, I love having a group of girls to try some treats on. Some have been hits, some have been mildly embarrassing misses, but delicious treats and drinks make book club feel special. Some of my favorites include this, this, and this.

Laughter- So much laughter. Funny gentleman friend stories, laughter. Ridiculous things two year olds say, laughter. Wedding planning woes, laughter. I think it is pretty fair to say that the neighbors could hear when book club DID end because of the noise level. I appreciate this- sometimes you need a good belly laugh to make you feel that it isn't just happening to you. 

Role Models-  Now this is where I get real sappy, so I will keep it quick. What has been most meaningful about book club is how these ladies have shown me what I could be. There is the women who has the clearest sense of work life balance I've ever seen. I respect and want to be like that. There is a lady who gives and gives and gives and really never asks for anything back. I admire and would like to be like that. There is the wife who is so fun loving with her husband and they always seem to be up to something fantastic, although I know she can worry as much as I can. I love and want to be like that. These professionals, and moms, and partners, and friends have so much that I could grow and learn from. 

I hope to find this in Texas- other than the wine and good times, these are the things that I love most from book club. Ok, that was a lot for a Friday morning. Be warned packing up our little house and putting things in moving boxes is only making me more emotional than usual, but today is FriYAY and that is a lot to be thankful for.

What is your favorite part of book or running or cooking or whatever club?



  1. I always wanted to join a book club and now I REALLY really want to! Sadly, I don't know of any in my area. It's clear that it is so much more than just books. And you're right. Finding quality friendships is so hard at this age.
    Also, I heart Lauren!

  2. Girl, you make me want to start a book club now! I'm lucky enough to work at a company full of people my age that I went to college with... but I think it would be pretty hard to make friends post-college without that.