Wednesday, April 8, 2015

California Bucket List

What kinda picture was I supposed to use? Walking away? Makes sense... a little. Ok. Sure.
One fun thing that this moving situation has created is the opportunity to sit down and make a list of all the fun things to do before heading back to TX. Ok, that is a lie. Yes, there is a list- and there has been a list for the past like two months. But, I am an incessant list maker. I have lists for everything in my life from work to play to workout to chores to hobbies (don't laugh it is very sad and very true). I love making lists. LOVE it.

So of course, I made a list for what will fill our last CA days. Over the course of these 5 ‘sunny and 75’ years it has been so fun to have new things to try close. Between outdoorsy stuff, foodie stuff, and kickass people, California has been such a great place to live for the current life stage. So. here is the digital version of what we’ve been throwing around as our ‘must dos’ before we move back to the land of BBQ and drive-thru daiquiris.

California Bucket List

  • Hike the Bridge to Nowhere- One of the things Houston is NOT known for (to my knowledge) are its hiking paths. This hike up in the San Gabriel Mountains takes you across streams, fields, hills, and what not to a bridge 5 miles away from any road.
  • Temecula Weekend Getaway- So, as much as I love Napa, Temecula is a whole heck of a lot closer. Wine tasting, friends, AND a short drive. Awesome. It is actually on the books for THIS weekend. Can't wait :)
  • Get Scuba Certified- On our way!
  • Chile- I promise the recaps are on the way... Hard to condense down into something readable.
  • Hosting a TX Themed Going Away Party- Now this I am WAY excited about. We have the invitations penned (not sent- whoops) and I'm thinking all about decor and food and whatnot. Definitely more to come.
  • Cambodian New Years Festival- So much fun and a very 'Long Beach' event.
  • The totally sketch with 'all you can eat' sushi place near the freeway (If I get food poisoning and then I would get to legitimately use my sick time off, right?)- I'm choosing not to link to this... because that could be rude- UNLESS it is great.
  • House of Cards- Like the rest of the world. Except this post is about 2 months too late. Don't worry- we binge watched it the day it came out.
  • Channel Islands- So amazing, so beautiful, so fun.
  • Lady Date Malibu Wine Tasting- Yes, I intentionally separated this from Temecula, so no one would start speculating...
  • SUR- You caught me! This is totally the restaurant from the Bravo show. No, I don't even like Vanderpump Rules, but I love me some Real Housewives. Let's think about this though. Reality TV will be a much smaller part of my geography in less than a month, so I need to do this now.
  • Social List- New-ish restaurant in Long Beach, but parking is always CRAZY.
There are some more private goodbyes and what not that don't need a place on the internet, but it is great to use this as a starting list for all the FUN things that we have coming up. Between boxes and MLS listings, these things seem way more fun and something to look forward to.

What would you put on your moving bucket list?

Happy Hump Day-


  1. A day to revisit favorite places or ones that hold special memories?

  2. Oh that is so sweet... now I feel guilty for talking so much about wine and food :)

  3. I like all of the wine & food on this list! That would absolutely make my list if I were to ever move away from Charlotte... one last stop at my favorite breweries/restaurants for sure.

    1. Mmmh- you're making me hungry and thirsty at the same time. :)

  4. A Texas themed moving party? SO fun! Enjoy the last little bit of Cali life :)

  5. Thanks, Evelina! I'm pretty stoked about our 'round up'. More details and pics to come!

  6. Such a great idea for a moving bucket list! These are great - I hoe you get them all done!