Thursday, April 30, 2015

5 for Friday- We haven't actually left yet...

You know that whole "starting our next phase of our life" thing (aka move) that we've been talking about for the last couple months, well Day 1 has come and gone and we are still sleeping on an air mattress in our living room. Even with the best intentions, we couldn't make it out last night. So instead of the fun and quirky post I had pre-written for y'all about how I always act a hot mess before making a big move, I just acted like a hot mess. I sobbed in the drive thru line at Chik Fil A, I blubbered face timing my mom, and I whimpered on the floor of the apartment while spending one more night here. Moving kicked my ass, but after 27 goodwill and dumpster drop offs, we will be moving tomorrow morning! That being said, you'll get the funny post about me being a spaz about moves next week, in the meantime here are 5 photos of what life looks like right now!

Try only eating conversation hearts and drinking 5 hours for a day, it will rock your world. And by rock your world, I obviously mean give you the shakes, try to make you vomit, and not let you start your move across country. It's great!!!

Didn't believe me? I wouldn't lie to my mom about it- or would I?!? And note- I was not eating the bleach. Just heavily inhaling it and accidentally creating burn marks on my skin from spilling it while scrubbing the floor. 

No matter how good or bad your day is, you still have to pack your pod. On what WAS supposed to be our last night in CA Andrew and I spent a very romantic evening packing the pod... By the light of our headlamps. This should be a fashion blog, shouldn't it?

And speaking of packing, remember how organized I thought I was being? Well that's a pipe dream now. After about 20 trips to the pod, we are finally all packed! I wouldn't recommend opening said pod without a helmet on, but IT IS DONE.

Only the strong survive the move (and my mood). Our first dinner in this house was Chik Fil A and a beer, so obviously that needed to be the last meal too.

But TODAY we move and I have great vibes about this next adventure. There is a lot to be sad for and miss, but good things are on the horizon. So we are off to the Grand Canyon and by Monday we will be home in Houston!

Hope you have a great weekend,


  1. Hope your drive is going well! You got this, girl!

  2. You're almost on the other side -- so close in fact, your stomach is screaming for joy! Have a wonderful move. And if you have another moment, just remember, you packed your pod like a stinking champ -- look at that thing! Not a spare centimeter. That's just pure brilliance. ;)