Sunday, March 8, 2015

What the heck should this be about?

So here is the thing, Internet, in a few short weeks my husband and I are packing up and moving all of our belongings to an undetermined house about 1500 miles away. Wait- I should correct myself... We are packing up and moving all of our belongings (except the incredibly cheap, broken, or simply awful- which accounts for like half) and moving them cross country back to our home town in Texas.

My husband, Andrew, and I have been Southern Californians for give or take 5 years and the whole process of moving has been exhilarating and terrifying from the start. It has been so many emotions at once that the only thing I can truthfully accomplish is sitting on the couch, watching Netflix, and eating takeout while I swear to myself that I will cook tomorrow (and then hope to black out the said promise). I decided to start documenting the never ending to-do list associated with moving and here we are! Great, Now What is the reminder to stay in the moment, but also anticipate the future. Honestly, it is the battle of being the best me I can be now (sans home cooking and any running mileage that would cause a real sweat), and finding the joy in what the next step. Great, Now What will be the journey of coming back home (for me after 9 years) and setting up our life the second time around.

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In twenty seconds or less, my name is Shay. I currently in California with my kickass husband, but we are both Texans at heart and soon by geography. I’m a runner, a cooking enthusiast, and a sommelier of all wines under 10 dollars. My family is the most incredible in the whole world and will probably laugh their behinds off while reading the inappropriate things I write. I work as an ambassador for the arts in the great city of Long Beach and I spend my free time longing for a puppy and stalking Pinterest.

I hope you follow me on the journey of figuring out Great, Now What with life, running, food, jobs, and the like. Oh, and hopefully, learning how to use my digital camera.

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