Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stages of House Hunting

I will be fair with this post, so please note the disclaimers. DISCLAIMER- we have mostly house hunted online, DISCLAIMER- I would wager 95% of that time is spent stressing over said activity, and DISCLAIMER- no matter if we buy a shack or a mansion it will be the largest purchase of our lives… by far. So it would be an understatement to say that the whole thing is overwhelming.

With a single trip to Houston being my only opportunity to step into these houses that have been scoured, researched, zillow-ed, Ouija boarded, and dreamt about, I think this is more than an opportune moment to talk about the stages of house hunting. Warning- it is not like TV.

I apologize in advance for the GIF usage... I may have gotten carried away, but mad props T. Kyle. All gifs are by this genius...

Excitement- You realize that you are buying a house. That makes you like a legit adult-adult. You will have space and no longer be living in a teeny tiny house in California with neighbors that you can hear all day and all night. You should learn how to fold fitted sheets and get water stains off your wine glasses because that is what adults with houses do.

Powerful- You will have a house and to get that house you need to buy a house. How do you buy a house? Money. Wow, you must be really powerful with this perfect house that you will be buying with this mythical money. And not only that, but you will get absolutely everything AND PROBABLY MORE with all this powerful money that you magically have.


Terrified- I do not know how to own a house. I can barely remember to get my oil changed- oh crap I DON’T REMEMBER TO GET MY OIL CHANGED. The sticker is the thing that tells me to do that. What am I thinking? I can’t own a house and lets be honest this mythical money that will buy me this house... it definitely isn't enough. We will end up living in a drug den with a 45 year old roommate who sells our things on eBay when we are gone. Maybe I should ask to move in with my parents? Do you think they would let me have a pet? Can my husband spend the night?

Getting a grip- Don't admit weird things like wanting to live with your parents, your spouse, and your imaginary pet in public. That is weird. People find houses everyday. It cannot possibly be that hard.

 Mild enthusiasm- Yes, this is a cool thing and a big decision. I can do this. This is doable.

Overwhelmed/Quitting/ Inability to Compl-

Guess which stage I am at?


  1. I own a house but can't fold a fitted sheet. So either you'll be OK or I am an embarrassment. Maybe a mix of the two.

  2. Our realtor really was on her game. She would go online each morning at 6am looking for a house we liked, and found one and booked an appointment before we even woke up that day. We were the first to see the house, the first to bid on the house, and the ones who got the house thanks to our realtor.

    Margaret @ Boston North Shore Real Estate