Monday, March 23, 2015

Penguinos for Days!

Magellanic Penguins  ~Magdalena Island. Located in the straits of magellan this tiny island is home to more then 60,000 pairs of Magellanic penguins.
I have a confession to make, but don’t tell my husband. Ok- not really. Life tip- don’t post things online that you don’t want to people to see. The internet doesn’t work that way. Now back to my confession. I am so excited to hike the W circuit in Torres del Paine. Excited to do something challenging, excited to see the incredible sights, and excited to spend a full week un-plugged and enjoying nature and stuff. BUT (you knew this was coming) I am more excited to see penguins than I anything else in a really long time.

I do not have an undying love for penguins, I didn't have a bunch of penguin toys growing up, nor have I ever really thought about penguins beyond the occasional aquarium visits. All this madness started when researching Chile and penguin images kept popping up. I was a little confused to how this related to the park, but ran with it. I mean who doesn’t love the look of these penguins; they’re cute, mate for life, and are completely un-domesticated. Obviously, they will run right up to me and hop in my backpack and we can be best friends forever (KIDDING- Chilean internet cops don’t arrest me). Magdalena Island is home to a huge population of penguins (and no resident humans) that people can actually visit! Huge doesn’t even begin to describe it. It is estimated that over 60,000 pairs (remember that mating thing) of Magellanic penguins inhabit the island. 60,000 pairs! OF PENGUINS!
Via (This will be me and my penguino BFF)
This was definitely added to the must-do list for Chile and I am pleased to head out for a half day tour to meet my new best friend. After hopping on a boat and cruising across the Strait of Magellan, our tour will land on this protected nature reserve to oogle at the thousands of Magellanic penguins milling about on their pebbly breeding grounds. It will be the far end of the mating season (we arrive late March and most are headed out by April) but I think it will be pretty awesome to see these little guys waddling around.

I imagine that by the time we get to ‘penguino day’ on the itinerary, we will be pretty darn tired and that these new friends will be exactly what we need to spark our energy back.This goes under one of those ‘bucket list items that you never knew you had until you saw’ side trips and all I can do is hope that it meets half of my expectations.

Chile Patagonia plateau,The land of icebergs and glaciers..... AND I might add.... PENGUINS!

And in conclusion, I think everyone should know that penguins can jump six feet out of the water and into the air. Penguinos are very impressive.

Hope you are having a fantastic Monday! We should be on day 2 of our W circuit trek today, so send anti-blister/ good thoughts our way.


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