Thursday, March 26, 2015

Packing Made Me Do It

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This post does not come from a good place. The inspiration brought anxiety and anger and helplessness (as seen above), but I will say that we are packed (and by the time you are reading this will be 7 days into our Chilean adventure). It wasn't pretty though. Generally, packing should not be anxiety inducing. For me packing is normally like this: throw everything in a bag, zip up bag, add a couple more things, rezip, call it a day, add the final few things, rezip, congratulate yourself on such an awesome packing job, and then get your butt in gear because you are officially late.

Well, things become a little bit more challenging when you then realize that you will be carrying all of your belongings needed for 10 days on your person through a national park. And it will be cold. And you can only bring two pairs of pants. And one pair of shoes. The lack of choices becomes overwhelming. How can you possibly decide between A and B if you can only have one of each?

Yes, it may have been a long day at work, but this was more than my little brain could take. So I organized and laid everything out and rearranged and got overwhelmed and was underwhelmed by my choices and finally was able to fit my clothes for 10 days (not counting outer jacket, 2 shirts for when we aren't in the park, and clothes on my body into this 10 liter stuff sack.

I know, I know- the photo is dark. BUT LOOK AT THAT APPLE FOR COMPARATIVE SIZE!
Included in that pod of quick-dry and spandex are:
-1 pair of hiking pants
-1 pair of tights
-2 long sleeve shirts
-3 short sleeve shirts
-1 pair of yoga pants
-1 sleep shirt
-Under things
-Head wrap

ALL IN THAT TINY BAG! I don't quite even believe myself, but here is to hoping because that is all the stuff I got for this adventure.

So now with head lamps and dehydrated food packed with care, I leave ya folks with the start of our adventure. Next time you hear from me (in only a few days thanks to scheduled posts), we will be back stateside and I can't wait to share all the details with you!

Thanks for the listening ear and no judgment zone on how nasty I will look after wearing the same clothes day in and day out!

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  1. Oh man, I'm a notorious over packer. I dress depending on mood so I try to pack a variety of things because I never know what I will feel like wearing that day. I feel like I would still have a hard time with this because I own lots of hiking clothes too and I tend to overthink the situation regarding weather and scenarios.