Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Does it feel Chile in here?

My husband and I have been counting down the days, crossing off the calendar squares, and excited to wake up every morning (okay- that one is a lie, but in a good natured kind of way)  because that means we are one day closer to our upcoming trip to… CHILE!

Both Andrew and I love to travel and if you get stuck in a cocktail conversation with us we will recommend getting out and seeing some part of the world to everyone. When planning our honeymoon last year though, we were more interested in a little R & R than a jam packed backpacker trip. So we took an amazing, relaxing, and downright luxurious (feeling.. love the price tag for the DR) to the Dominican Republic. We dug our toes in the sand, collected cocktails of all shapes and sizes, and said “oh my gosh we are married” about one million times.

It didn't take long after coming back to real life to start scheming of our next trip. Although we have a huge list of places that we can’t wait to visit, we also know that some of these trips are more long term (read- expensive) plans for the future. We also knew that we wanted to go someplace new and something of an adventure. I must say the adventurous streak came from a recent trip my sister and brother-in-law went on to Machu Pichhu. We were enamored by the idea of something physically demanding, beautiful, and once in a lifetime. After my best friend and her boyfriend went on the same trip a couple years later we were chomping at the bit.

In that same vein, we wanted to have our OWN adventure. Andrew and I love to hike, run, camp (maybe like not love… but it is mostly tolerable as long as wet wipes are involved) and knew that this would probably be one of the most convenient times of our life to take a trip that demanded this level of intensity. After endless online stalking, National Geographic searching, and TripAdvisor scrolling, we had about 27 ideas on where to go and not a single one picked.

This would be a good place to leave you hanging, but I’m not that interesting. How did we pick our spot? First we picked a completely different  country, planned for it, priced it out, got excited… and then... changed out minds. No real reason- just thought we needed to go someplace else. After going back to the map, we said Chile! And Chile it was!
From http://wikitravel.org/en/File:Cuernos_del_Paine_from_Lake_Pehoe.jpg
So for 11 upcoming glorious and 'unplugged' days, we will be traveling through Torres del Paine in Southern Chile. 5 of those days will be spent backpacking through the wilderness, camping next to glaciers, hiking through the daylight hours, and even waking up early enough to see the sunrise over the Cuernos towers. A couple days will be spent in Punta Arenas, another on a penguin expedition, AND way too many hours will be spent on seventeen planes. Getting to the end of the world is difficult even with modern aviation!

I could go on and on, but I think others have said it better. Words like these are what makes me excited in the morning. 
Photography: marquandphoto also found on www.sidetracked.com

Monica Racic of Sidetracked.com writes,

"Stories of Patagonia invariably conjure imagined vistas of breathtaking grandeur and the W circuit is no exception. Located in the Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Chilean Patagonia, the W – named for the shape of the trail – features colossal glaciers, formidable mountains, and turquoise lakes. The challenging terrain is complicated by mercurial weather patterns, but this burden of unpredictability, I promise, is offset by astounding views."

Like I said, I'm counting down the days...


  1. I would be counting down the days too! This sounds like my kind of vacation...an adventure!

    1. Thanks, Rose! I'm just hoping we come back in one piece!