Friday, March 20, 2015

Chile By The Day

Cuernos. Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine, Chile
Guys by the time that you read this, we will either be flying over thousands of miles, chilling in Lima, or headed down even further south to start our trek through Torres del Paine. But I feel like there is so much I have left to share! Yes, you know we are going on a 5 day W-circuit camping adventure in Chile, but there are so many details left. So I thought I would do a quick recap of how we planned our trip and what the heck we are doing!

Although picking Chile may not seem like it was incredibly well thought out, by the time we got around to planning it we knew it was the perfect location. One of my good college girlfriends had lived and traveled there extensively and sent us possibly the most exciting email of my life. It was like watching an Opera special- and you can go here! and you can see this! and you will do all these things! I never knew there was so much to do in Chile and then I wanted to do it all.

The hard part was realizing that no, we couldn't do it all. There are these pesky things called jobs and the fact we are moving in less than a month (insert panic attack here) made us really have to prioritize what we could do in 10/11 days time. So after some serious timelining and researching, we came up with a pretty stellar itinerary.
Torres del Paine, Chile

And here it is!

Day One: Work all day, drive home, get bags, scarf down dinner, then get our butts to LAX for a red eye flight!

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Day 2: Wake up groggy from the plane and hurry up because we only have one day to explore LIMA! Culture, food, culture, food, walk, photos, food- then hurry back to the airport and fly to Santiago.


Day 3: Wake up at 5:30am in Santiago and you guessed it ANOTHER flight further south! Fly to Punta Arenas and take a bus down to Puerto Natales (yes it is still not even noon yet). Explore Puerto Natales a bit and then head to the infamous 3 O’Clock Talk at Erratic Rock. Get terrifed over what the next few days will bring and then head to bed- it will be the last real bed in quite a while.

Grey Glacier, Patagonia - Chile.

Day 4: Arrive at Torres del Paine! Take a catamaran to get into the park and set up camp at Paine Grande. Hike up to Refugio Grey (STUNNING) and then come back down. Total hiking 11km for the day.

Day 5: Up early and set off to Campo Italiano. Stop and have some lunch around Paine Grande and get back on the trail because we have to cover 18.6km before turning in for the day!

Los Cuernos del Paine
Day 6: Head out for the there-and-back trail to Campo Britanico and then get our tails in gear to make it to Refugio Cuernos for the evening. Don't waste daylight cause this day has 20.7km of hiking.
Day 7: One last long day... on an unrelated note, how big do you think the blisters will be by now? Make it to 20km to Refugio Las Torres and go to sleep early because...  

los, torres, sunrise, del, paine, national, park, famous, camped, tent, reflection, lake, windy, amazing, , photo
Day 8: Wake up before sunrise and get in high gear! Need to make it to the Torres del Paine before the sunrises for an amazing view. Bask in the glow of own accomplishment. Then head down to Laguna Amargo for some real food, change of shoes, and civilization. Play it by ear and see whether we feel up to headed to PN or PA. Sleep in a bed. Or maybe seperate beds by this point. Sleep on anything as long as it is not the ground oh, and eat some carbs.

Day 9: See some penguinos and maybe grab one to stick in a purse… just kidding, I won't have a purse. OR STEAL A PENGUIN, JERKS! More details on our penguino side trip next week!

Day 10 and 11: Fly home!

Typing this out made my fingers hurt… that is probably a bad sign for how my toes will feel after doing this trek...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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