Friday, March 13, 2015

5 for Friday

While avoiding accomplishing any substantial tasks or being stressed out about the lack of progress, I'm focusing on things that require very little effort and are downright wonderful. Without further ado here is my current list of sanity keepers (a la brain dump)!

Great read about where running can take you and a nice mind break to inspire the lazier side of my brain. It is definitely inspiring me to schedule my next half and full marathons in the nearer future.

Two Tone 14k SOLID Gold Very Skinny Twisted Rope Infinity Band Stacking Ring Mixed Metals Rose Gold and White Gold Shiny Finish
Via Etsy
This adorable stackable ring… I want one

A Diver and a Shipwreck by Boaz Meiri on 500px
Getting excited for our scuba certification class this weekend has had me pretty amped looking at underwater photography. Found this gorgeous compilation!

5 Mile Treadmill Workout Image
Happy Being Healthy Mom
This treadmill run- pretty much perfect ability to zone out, yet follow a plan at once. Not the quickest miles, but the intervals and hills make it a fun addition to anyone's fitness regimen. I will say that it drives my OCD mind wild that (at least the two times I tried) the workout didn't quite add up to the 5 miles advertised. But I really enjoyed doing it- thanks Melanie. I've been working on creating one of my own that I hope to share soon!

Houston Skyline At Night
Photographer: Jim Drought III 
Job Searching in Houston. So this may be a bit of a roller coaster, but it is a bit exhilarating seeing all the options that are out there. I got my graduate degree is a very specific field and by broadening the definition of what I studied for and what the skills I have learned are… it seems like there may be a multitude of options. Or- I may just lay on the couch and watch reality TV all day. We will see.

Have a great weekend,


  1. Good luck on the job search and on the scuba diving class. I've never been and for some reason, it's one of those things that makes me nervous. Like is the suit going to be so tight that I'm going to get claustrophobic and am I going to freak out breathing with an apparatus?

    1. THANKS, Rose! We went on our honeymoon... and I was definitely nervous to start. Hopefully this weekend's class is low key.